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Embracing A ‘Nonalcoholic’ Life

We’ve mentioned many times how nonalcoholic drinks are experiencing a sharp rise in popularity. So much so, that several major beer manufacturers are now putting out their own special brands. It’s a movement that we fully support and, if anything, we encourage these companies to put more emphasis on products that steer people away from alcoholism. And let’s not forget that there are wellness benefits to switching over to these brands too, which is why Men’s Health has published a story highlighting the “Best Nonalcoholic Brews.”


Known for promoting a lifestyle that avoids drinking, this Men’s Health endorsement is quite notable. Staff writer Spencer Dukoff discussed his personal connection to the story and how a Dry January experience led him to push out alcoholic beverages entirely.


“As I made my way through Dry January, I didn’t think twice about pairing an NA beer with a home-cooked meal or taking one along for an evening walk with my wife,” Dukoff writes. “But I kept drinking them after January ended, in part because the occasional NA beer offered a great transition into nighttime relaxation that I wouldn’t regret in the morning.”


As he puts it, “NA beers” are experiencing a bit of a renaissance; partly because these big companies are investing so heavily in them. Flavors have improved and wellness habits are on the rise, particularly among millennials. Dukoff’s article makes a point to highlight a few of the most popular nonalcoholic brands, which he believes will soon have a major impact on the marketplace.


Budweiser Zero was at the top of his list for a variety of reasons. For starters, it is only 50 calories a can (which certainly aligns with the Men’s Health mantra). Dukoff also describes the taste as “smooth and clean,” highlighting it as a top selection for watching sports with friends.


Heineken 0.0 was another brand that was called out. According to Dukoff, it tastes almost exactly the same as their alcoholic recipe and, again, is very light on calories. Golden Road Mango Cart was also singled out as a strong selection. This one simulates the fruity beer blends and, as Dukoff puts it, makes for a perfect poolside beverage.


The brand, however, that Dukoff is most excited about is Athletic. For starters, this company only puts out NA beers and has been developing a large devoted following across the country. Their Upside Down Golden flavor was called out as the first one to try and it is interesting to note that it is being positioned as an active beverage, which you can enjoy after a long hike.