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#DryJanuary Becomes Viral Trend

Making resolutions is a big part of the new year’s experience. And this month, a recovery themed one is beginning to go viral across several social media sites. Using the hashtag #DryJanuary, this trend is challenging Americans cut down on drinking and live a sober lifestyle for 31 days.


This actually isn’t the first year that #DryJanuary began populating news feeds. In fact, 2017’s trend proved to be incredibly successful; with more than five million people committing to the program. Now, Dry January has its own social media account and is sharing informative links to help those willing to commit to sobriety.


Here is one recap post they recently published on Twitter, motivating users to break a new record in 2018.



Interestingly, it was an ordinary accountant who got the movement going, based on the belief that he could live a healthier lifestyle without beer and wine. Steve Byrne kicked off Dry January five years ago and spoke about its success with


“I had more energy, and I was proud of myself that I was able to set this goal and achieve it,” Byrne told the online site.


Others committed to the challenge admit that it isn’t necessarily designed for alcoholics. University of North Carolina’s Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program director Britta Starke explained that it works more as a reality check and helps people realize how much their lives can improve without consuming booze.


“It’s not necessarily for people who think they have a problem,” Starke said. “I want people to think of it as a fun experiment, just to see how you feel after 30 days. It’s a chance to feel what’s it like without alcohol in your life.”


Indeed, even for the casual drinker this unique opportunity can give them a chance to see a real difference. Whether it’s weight loss, more energy or even a nice increase in the monthly bank account, life without alcohol has many benefits.


As mentioned above, we expect 2018’s Dry January to have a much bigger impact than ever before. This year it has become a hot topic on both TV and the web, with segments devoted on shows like Good Morning America.


Perhaps GMA’s resident health expert, Dr. Jennifer Ashton, said it best with her tweet below.



If you know someone who could stand to benefit from Dry January, spread the word and have them step up to the challenge!