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Burbank is a picturesque Southern California town, home to the entertainment and tourism industry. With its comfortable suburban setting, many young professionals and families make Burbank their home. While considered an attractive city for residents and tourists alike, Burbank is like all cities in the United States when it comes to dealing with the dysfunction created by drug and alcohol addiction. Not only does addiction negatively impact the lives of the addict, it affects their families and loved ones. Addiction also creates a ripple effect that is felt throughout the community.

If you are dealing with a substance abuse issue, it can feel like you are fighting a losing battle. You may have tried drug treatment programs in the past, but were unable to break through and get sober. While you may feel that all hope is lost, there is help available that will help you find lasting recovery. If you are in need of a Burbank rehab that has the programs and services that will help you get sober for good, call Valley Treatment and Recovery toll-free today.

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Introduction to Addiction in Burbank

According to data provided by Crimegrade, Burbank’s average crime rate for drug-related use and offenses is 7.01 per 1000 residents. The highest rates of drug-related crimes are in the east part of Burbank (1 in 77 people arrested), while the southeast part of the city (1 in 382 people arrested) is considered the safest. In regards to Los Angeles County (where Burbank is located), statistics show that nearly 7 percent of adults and 18 percent of young adults aged 18-25 meet criteria of having a substance abuse disorder. Additionally, accidental drug overdoses nearly doubled in 2020.

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Why Choose a Drug Rehab in Burbank?

If you have begun your search for a Burbank rehab, you may feel a bit of apprehension. Maybe you think you can quit on your own. You also may have tried a drug rehab program in the past but were unable to stay sober. While it is completely normal to have those thoughts, finding the right drug rehab in Burbank can provide you with the tools and support you need to find lasting recovery. 

The following are several major reasons how rehab centers in Burbank, CA, can help you get and stay. 


Medical detoxification is perhaps the most important first step in the recovery process. When you abruptly quit using drugs and alcohol, you will experience a series of physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms that can be extremely uncomfortable and painful. These symptoms can become life-threatening if you have an underlying medical condition or are abusing multiple substances.

Under the strict supervision of experienced medical personnel, the medical detox process will help your body get rid of substances in a safe and secure environment. This is done through the supervised use of medications and other appropriate interventions. The ultimate goal of detox is to get you to a physically and psychologically stable state.

Safe and Supportive Environment

Many of the best rehabs in Burbank over a safe and supportive environment so you can focus on doing the work to achieve lasting sobriety. Away from the triggers of your home environment that can make you vulnerable to using substances, you can focus on the underlying issues of your addiction. These rehabs often feature semi-private suite-like bedrooms, excellent amenities, and provide a homelike environment that makes you feel comfortable.


Drug rehab programs in Burbank are designed to help you learn all about your addiction. You will learn about the people, events, experiences, and unhealthy habits trigger your cravings for substances through the programs and services offered. Rehab centers in Burbank help you understand your triggers so that you create healthy coping mechanisms to combat them when you successfully complete your treatment program and resume your normal everyday life.

Strict Daily Structure

Drug rehabs feature a highly structured daily schedule that is filled with activities that promote and strengthen your recovery. These activities will include individual and group therapy, 12-step meetings, and exercise and recreation programs to name a few. Additionally, you can engage in morning meditation, find a new hobby, and find other healthy and positive activities.

Peer Support

One of the best reasons to attend treatment at a Burbank rehab is giving and receiving support from your fellow peers who are in recovery. When you have others who are going through similar experiences, you can learn from others and be supportive of others. The strong bonds that form during treatment create a close family feel. While in treatment, you celebrate the small victories and provide comfort and support when there are setbacks.

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Drug Rehab Near Burbank, California

Levels of Care at Our Burbank Rehab

You are unique in your history of addiction, your treatment needs, and your goals beyond treatment. In order to help you achieve lasting health and happiness, Valley Recovery and Treatment offers drug treatment programs that are customized to fit those needs. Our treatment programs feature an integrated and dynamic approach and can be modified as your needs change in treatment.

To best serve your unique needs, Valley Recovery and Treatment offers the following levels of care:

Medical Detoxification

When you quit using substances, your body and brain will experience a variety of withdrawal symptoms. The detox process will help you wean off of substances and make the withdrawal process more comfortable. During this process, medical staff will use medication therapies and other effective and proven interventions that will help you become physically and mentally stable. During the detox process, experienced medical and mental health staff will also perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine any underlying physical and psychological conditions that may complicate your recovery. 

Residential Treatment

When you enter our residential treatment program in Burbank, staff will create an individualized treatment plan that will give you the tools you need for long-term success. This overall treatment plan is created from a wide variety of treatment services such as the following:

  • Individual, group, and family therapy
  • life skills training
  • holistic therapies
  • therapeutic techniques 

The usual length of a residential treatment plan is 28-30 days. In the case that you need additional help and support, we offer longer treatment stays so you can gain the confidence you need to strengthen your recovery.


While completing a drug treatment program is a major accomplishment, is doesn’t mean that you stop working your recovery. It is often said that the real work in sobriety occurs after you finish treatment and resume your daily life. To help minimize the risk of relapse, our aftercare programs focus on relapse prevention. These programs can feature the following components:

  • 12-step recovery programs
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Medication management
  • Educational programs
  • Job assistance
  • Sober living

Dual Diagnosis

If you are suffering from a mental disorder along with an addiction, our rehab centers in Burbank offer a comprehensive dual diagnosis treatment. Our dual diagnosis program in Burbank features addiction and mental health professionals working side by side to help you untangle the complexities of your dual diagnosis. You will receive the space and support needed to address your co-occurring issues while gaining the skills and support you need to overcome your dual diagnosis and lead a healthy and productive life.

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