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Drug detox is an absolutely necessary part of treatment for many of the patients we see here at Valley Recovery Center. The toxins that accumulate in an addict’s body over time can do tremendous harm and can hinder the recovery process. Withdrawal and other side effects from ceasing drug abuse can be challenging and even life-threatening, so it is vital that you detox under the supervision and care of experienced professionals. The team here at Valley Recovery Center specializes in providing our patients with both the medical expertise necessary for safe detoxing and a supportive environment where their suffering will be managed.

Ridding the body of the harmful toxins that have built up over time is a crucial first step in the recovery process. The body chemistry of addicts is altered by the drugs, and they have grown dependent upon the substance they’ve abused. When their bodies are deprived of the drug, they will react and begin to experience cravings. This leads many addicts to relapse, and a thorough, safe detoxing is the best way to prevent that and to put our patients in the best position to recover.

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Alcohol Detoxification

One of the first steps our patients will go through when they begin treatment for alcohol abuse here at Valley Recovery Center is detoxing. An alcohol detox can be challenging and time-consuming, and there are potentially harmful side effects. Therefore, it’s incredibly important to detox under professional supervision. The goal of detoxification is to flush out the toxins that have accumulated in the addict’s body over time. The length of time and intensity of a patient’s alcohol abuse factor into how long and how difficult the detox will be.

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Detoxing from prescription drugs can be challenging and unfamiliar to those who’ve been abusing them, but it is an absolutely necessary part of treatment. At Valley Recovery Center, we have a real understanding of the challenges that come with detoxing, and we strive to provide our patients with the supervision and care necessary for a healthy detox that encourages them to continue with their recovery.

Over time, abusing prescription drugs causes harmful toxins to accumulate in the body. These toxins change the body’s chemistry and contribute to the dependence you feel. When you stop using, your body will react negatively to the change and cause you to begin craving the substance you were abusing. In order to truly recover from your addiction, you must rid your body of these toxins and allow it to adjust to life without drugs.

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Going through withdrawal can cause patients to experience some harmful reactions, which is why professional supervision is so important. These reactions can include seizures, disorientation, fatigue, tremors, anxiety, and depression. Every individual is different, and each person’s detox will naturally vary. Detoxification varies for each patient. The major factors that contribute to the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms are the substances that were being abused, how much and how long the patient took it, and their overall health. The first few days after the patient stops using the substance are typically the most challenging.

When addicts begin the process of recovery, they will start to notice the symptoms of withdrawal. Those with lower-level addictions may notice nausea, shakes, night sweats, nightmares, depression, anxiety, fatigue, a rapid heartbeat, and increased blood pressure. Heavy addicts can experience convulsions, seizures, muscle tremors, confusion, hallucinations, blackouts, and even death. Clearly, it’s incredibly important to have medical supervision when going through withdrawal. The treatment and detoxing we provide here at Valley Recovery Center is focused on offering our patients the support they need during trying times. We pay close attention to detoxing patients in order to monitor their withdrawal symptoms and side effects and to alleviate their suffering whenever possible. We are absolutely committed to providing all of our patients with the care and tools necessary to detox and begin their journey towards recovery.

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As intimidating as the side effects of withdrawal can be, it’s important to know that detox is an absolutely vital part of treatment. Long term abuse of alcohol causes the body’s chemistry to change, and the body of an addict reacts to being deprived of alcohol. This reaction compels many alcoholics to return to drinking. Ridding the body of the harmful toxins that have accumulated is necessary for true healing to occur, and our team will be by your side the entire time to make sure you are safe and as comfortable as possible.

Detoxing without supervision is certainly dangerous, and it can also lead people to return to addiction. The withdrawal process can be so painful and uncomfortable that, left on their own, many individuals will simply go back to using. Detoxing here at Valley Recovery Center will not only keep our patients safe, but it will also ensure that they can really begin to work on their recovery.

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Valley Recovery Center has the tools to manage your detox safely and to minimize your suffering, and we also provide a supportive environment that will give you strength during this difficult process. We know that a thorough detox is a vital part of treatment, and we will make sure that you have the care you need to continue along the road to recovery. Detoxing is tough, but we will be right by your side the entire time and long after.

Many people considering recovery are intimidated by the effects of withdrawal and detox, and this can be a reason they avoid treatment. It’s very important that you know that recovery is absolutely something you can achieve. At Valley Recovery Center, we will provide you with not only the care necessary to detox, we will also offer you a supportive environment that will help you throughout the detox process and long after. We will be by your side every step of the way, and we are committed to helping you achieve lasting recovery.