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If you or someone you love is battling an addiction to gambling, drugs or alcohol or has a physiological issue; they do not need to fight the battle alone. Here at Valley Recovery Center we are here to help any individual in need for a serious change in their life. We are dedicated in giving the incomparable treatment so you can have a successful recovery. Our team strives to provide a strong chain of support to aid in the achievement of recovery.

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Newhall, California

Learn more about Valley Recovery Center at Newhall, our flagship residential program for men in Southern California, and how we can help you find long-term recovery for good.

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Agua Dulce, California

Learn more about how Valley Recovery Center at Agua Dulce, our luxury residential program, offers individualized, custom treatment for substance abuse in California.

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Encino, California

Inneractions IOP is our intensive outpatient program located in the San Fernando Valley that offers evidence-based aftercare for those seeking long-term solutions.

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Our Los Angeles Facility

At Valley Recovery Center, we will assist in your successful healing from alcohol, drug, gambling, and detox with our exceptional treatment plans. Our treatment center for men will only provide you an excellent comprehensive and individualized treatment plan. Your experience in the path to recovery will be an understanding, caring, and resourceful healing process. Our facility has a multitude of programs; which include alcohol, drug, and gambling rehab and detox treatment for men. Each program offers a 30-day program, 60-day program, and 90+ day program. Upon entering the rehab program you will be assessed through an evaluation to make sure you get the right treatment plan fit for you. The 90+ day program is generally chosen for men who are heavily addicted and need long-term treatment. Generally, and if necessary, the individual will first go through a detox phase. Our multitude of treatment programs will meet all aspects of appropriate care. We will ensure that you will receive the correct the level of care needed for your specific treatment plan needs for addiction to gambling, drugs and alcohol. We are firmly dedicated to our clients to have a successful and positive outcome in their recovery. Our team here at Valley Recovery Center in Newhall for men guarantees to always gives unsurpassed care and attention to all our clients to aid in a successful recovery.

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