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New Sober Dating Site Gains Momentum

These days, if you’re looking for love online there are plenty of avenues to explore. Matchmaking sites can focus on everything from race, to religion, to sexual orientations. But what about a dating destination where sober singles can meet up and make a connection? Well now there’s a destination for that too, thanks to


Built specifically for people who have gone through recovery or abstain from drugs and alcohol, it’s become a major online hit. Just this month, the site touted a membership number of 7,000 and an expansion plan for people in Europe. They’ve even incorporated Pay-Pal into their monthly subscription package, which makes it easier for online users.


We, for one, fully support the concept behind this site. As they wrote in a recent press release, dating can be a real challenge for someone who is looking to avoid substances.


“Dating in sobriety can prove to be a struggle at times,” Single and Sober reps wrote on their recent news announcement. “Many first dates involve alcohol – whether its dinner and drinks or a group of friends heading out to the bar for the evening, dating for people who don’t drink can be challenging to say the least. Single and Sober is now making it even easier than ever for sober singles to meet and build meaningful relationships.”


As part of their most recent push, S & S even put out an animated promo (which has been receiving quite a bit of attention on YouTube).


You can watch it below…


Beyond that, the site has garnered over 8,000 social media followers and publishes a regular romance blog. We certainly applaud them on the way they structure the web experience as well. Included on the menu page are a list of sober dating tips, recovery success stories, a message forum and direct links to addiction treatment facilities.


It’s sad to say, but there are many things about dating that involve cocktails, parties, wine bars and what have you. For someone who is recently out of treatment, these types of temptations can be excruciating. For many, the choice is to maintain their sobriety and avoid these social situations altogether. And while that is certainly a smart decision, it can limit opportunities to meet people and find love.


Connecting with someone else who is newly sober helps alleviate that stress. Not only that, there is much more common ground and a better opportunity to make a connection. As we mentioned before, we are all for this type of program and recommend anyone looking for love to visit Single and Sober!