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Non-Alcoholic ‘Mocktails’ Are On The Rise

This week, Forbes put out a very interesting article about a new industry that appears to be booming. In a top trending article on their site, they profiled several non-alcoholic spirits companies that are pulling in big business with “mocktail” recipes and bar beverages that remove all liquor from their ingredients list. The mag also did an interesting examination on the recent demand for booze-free drinks and how perceptions are beginning to change across America.


One company that Forbes shone the spotlight on was Seedlip. Calling themselves a “non-alcoholic distilled spirit,” this unique brand specializes in healthy, colorful mocktails that it markets to bars and pubs. Simulating the sweet and savory flavors of the more complex alcoholic blends, they put out mixtures for drinks called Garden 108 (which is described has blending sweet green peas with herbal notes) and Spice 94 (which includes spices, cardamom and grapefruit flavors).  According to the article, Seedlip is already raking in big profits and gaining a large online following as well.


Forbes writer Elva Ramirez added that many connoisseurs are now more appreciative of the art of drink-making over the actual alcohol content contained therein. Blending flavors that you can casually sip with friends is becoming a much more common experience for people visiting high-end bars (particularly in London).


“We’ve noticed the non-drinker has evolved,”  London bar owner Ryan Chetiyawardana told Forbes. “It means you have people not drinking for a multitude of reasons, but they still want to socialize. A company like Seedlip gives you an opportunity to feel part of your group with a drink that feels special and considered, which was lacking before.”


And from our perspective, this certainly opens up the door for people who have gone through recovery and still want to appreciate socializing in a happy hour type setting. Often times it can be very alienating (or downright dangerous) for someone newly sober to enter that type of environment. This can lead to them avoiding social situations entirely, which can lead to depression or (ironically) an excuse to drink at home alone.


Companies like Seedlip are working hard to change that perception and we applaud them for doing it. Enjoying a nice tasting beverage that uses the same creativity as a cocktail (with celery, hot sauce, pineapple slices or what have you) is certainly an experience that deserves to be enjoyed by all. And by the looks of things, this will start becoming much more common. Forbes is also reporting that America’s trendiest bars, such as the famed Savoy, are now regularly rotating Seedlip mocktails into their menus.