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Stone Cold Recovery

As we all know, recovery is nationwide and people in different states have different approaches on how to treat addiction. Over in Alaska, for example, a special movement is taking place which aims to remove stigmas and educate citizens about the power of treatment.


We’ve mentioned before how cold climates can impact a person’s urge to use. Isolation, coupled with uncomfortable temperatures, can certainly spark an increase in substance abuse (particularly when it comes to drinking). Alaska is a prime example of that, as alcoholism issues reportedly cost the state over $1 billion each year. To help turn things around, several key organizations have helped to fund Recover Alaska.


The newly formed org proudly touts multiple missions in the name of sobriety. For one, it is a forum where people in recovery can meet, connect and support each other. It also oversees multiple public awareness campaigns, highlighting the dangers of addiction. Beyond that, Recover Alaska puts people struggling in touch with safe and successful treatment centers where they can take the first step toward a cleaner life.


“We are a coalition with the goal of addressing the harm caused by excessive alcohol consumption in Alaska,” the org proudly claims on its site. “Our organization is exclusively dedicated to combatting the problem of alcohol abuse. Through various initiatives such as changes to systems, policies and social practices, we are focused on long-term improvements.”


One way Recover Alaska team members are carrying out that mission is with  a new statewide campaign entitled Sobriety Awareness Month. Set for March, this 31-day event will work to alert local citizens about the benefits of a clean lifestyle. There will be “Dry Weekend Challenges” at local restaurants, sober pop-up events and ‘mocktail’ recipe stations that encourage healthy beverages.


“Sobriety isn’t easy,” Recover Alaska executive director Tiffany Hall explained in a recent press release. “Alcohol is so present in our society, whether we’re listening to music or seeing ads in magazines, whether we’re celebrating or mourning, if we want to relax or get pumped up, alcohol is everywhere. Hopefully this month will encourage people to start thinking about the presence of alcohol in their lives and getting creative with other ways to celebrate or relax. There’s a misperception that sobriety is boring or anti-social, but it couldn’t be further from the truth.”


So far, the program does appear to be working. Recover Alaska has had growing turnouts at all of its awareness events and is quickly establishing a strong set of social media pages (which we encourage all of our network to follow).