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Recovery Books For Your Holiday Reading List

Thankfully for most of us, the holidays mean extra down time to relax and be with family. If you do have more quiet moments this December, we highly recommend adding some important recovery books to your reading list. did a fantastic job outlining some key literature to help educate and empower addiction survivors this season.


At the top of their list, is the 2015 book Childhood Disrupted. This is an important read for anyone who may have experienced trauma at a young age. Author Donna Jackson Nakazawa delves deep with scientific facts and personal experiences that have driven those with painful memories to use. The good news is this book takes an inspirational approach, highlighting people who have overcome their demons and outlining useful tools readers can apply to their own lives.


Recovery Rising is another major highlight of their list. Written by esteemed advocate Bill White, it reads more like a personal biography of one man’s journey to sobriety. To his credit, White takes a very empathetic and supportive approach to those dealing with addictions; offering hope for people who feel like they’ve lost everything. He also delves a bit into the recovery industry and how it has helped to heal millions around the world.


Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk made the list for his popular book, The Body Keeps Score. This one approaches addiction and recovery from the physical perspective, analyzing the struggles the body must endure when battling a dependency. It also touches upon the brain and the science of pleasure seeking (emphasizing that many people are predisposed to developing a substance abuse habit). The Body happens to be one of the most popular reads featured, with nearly 2,000 Amazon reviews and a slot on The New York Times bestseller list.


One other notable book highlights an author we’ve discussed many times. Maia Szalavitz has been featured on numerous talk shows and podcasts as an example of a successful businesswoman who fell victim to addiction. Her book, The Unbroken Brainchallenges traditional classifications of the term and offers unique approaches for maintaining sobriety. Techniques that have worked for her include teaching the brain to react and understand temptations differently. It is an interesting philosophy that we profiled before.


“Addiction skews choice,” Szalavitz previously told interviewers. “But doesn’t completely eliminate free will. After all, no one injects drugs in front of the police. This means that addicts can learn to take actions to improve our health, like using clean syringes, as I did.”


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