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Recognizing National Drug Take Back Day

As we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, April plays a significant role for recovery advocates in many ways. Not only is it Alcohol Awareness Month (which helps promote the dangers of drinking), but it also includes National Drug Take Back Day; which takes place on the 24th. For the past several years, this event has gained national recognition and gives citizens the opportunity to safely dispose of potentially addictive medications.


If you were to Google news stories for Drug Take Back Day, you would find tons of local articles offering details on drop off sites and contact personnel. In our own home region of Southern California, KCBS Los Angeles published a story about the event. It is all organized by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and involves only prescription meds. Illegal drugs and liquids are not permitted at the drop off sites.



Drug Take Back Day also has a comprehensive website of its own. There, visitors can share Public Service Announcements, find ways to spread the message on social media and gather details on just how dangerous these types of meds can be. For example, it reveals that nearly 10 million people misuse prescription pain relievers each year and more than 6 million misuse sedatives.


The PSAs are actually quite informative, emphasizing why old and expired meds can pose a real threat to a household. They are obviously a health and addiction risk for the people who received the prescriptions, but they can also easily fall into younger hands. Tragically, it is not entirely uncommon for children to get ahold of these types of drugs and accidentally overdose. You can take a closer look at one of the Take Back Day PSAs below.



And finally, the site proudly touts the success numbers that have come out of this program. Since launching in 2016, they have collected millions of tons of medications from the national drop off sites. Take Back Day has also grown tremendously since its formation, with nearly 5,000 U.S. collection sites established last year. Our home region of California has roughly 120 sites set up for 2021, making it one of the most active states in the program.


Beyond that, the Take Back Day site has a nice amount of resource links which can direct people to recovery clinics and law enforcement drop off sites that are available year round. We have always been big fans of this movement and encourage all of our friends and followers to take part every year.