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New 2021 Sobriety Trends Called Out

We all know about viral trends that pop up on social media and attract attention for short windows of time. Well, interestingly enough, this year has brought about quite a few relating to sobriety and how people approach their drinking. Each come with their own set of rules (and there are certainly a few that we’ve covered before), but it is interesting to point them out and determine the reactions that they’re getting during 2021.


The popular website Bustle did a nice job capturing these trends, outlining a list of four that have recently been embraced by the millennial set. The first one covered is the California Sober trend, which our blog followers are very familiar with. It follows the mantra of moderation, taking out alcohol and hard drugs and substituting them with marijuana usage. Occasional beers are included in this philosophy, but the idea is to remove any substance that may be addictive. Now several studies have shown that marijuana dependencies do happen and slight beers can easily turn into multiple beers, so we’re not the biggest fan of this mantra.


Sober Curious was the next trend covered in the Bustle piece. We have talked about this one frequently in the past as well and its ties to “emotional wellness.” People who fall under this camp try to probe deeper into their habits, halting them altogether if distressing signs emerge. Bustle writer Rita Omokha sums it up pretty well in her article overview. “Sober Curious is an ongoing interrogation of: Why am I drinking? Why am I using? Why am I hanging out with people who are doing things that may not align with my values?,” she writes. “It’s not only about the physical-chemical sobriety; it also involves emotional wellness.”


Teetotaling is the third category mentioned and this one has been around for a very long time. Noting that this philosophy is close to 200 years old, the Bustle piece defines it as absolute abstinence when it comes to drinking. We can certainly support this trend, as it keeps people away from alcohol altogether. Some have deemed it rather extreme though, as many who participate even go so far as to avoid any functions or activities that include booze.


Straight Edge is the final trend mentioned and this one definitely leans in on the “extreme” approach. Straight Edge actually has its roots in the punk subculture and swears off alcohol and drugs with brute force. It is another approach that we are happy to get behind, though we believe sobriety should be achieved without anger or aggressive tactics.