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‘California Sober’ Becomes New Trend

There are, of course, different levels of sobriety. Some people never touch drugs, but do occasionally partake in social drinking. Others abstain from any harmful substance altogether (our preferred method). And now there appears to be something in between via a new trend called out on several pop culture websites. This latest movement is being labeled “California Sober” and it appears to be catching on quickly across the west coast.


For the record, California Sober is defined as staying clean from drugs or alcohol, but including a “minor exception” on certain occasions. This can be anything from recreational marijuana use to psychedelics, such as magic mushrooms. So while it’s not complete abstinence, it is a step in a positive direction.


The trendsetting website Real Simple recently touched on the topic, interviewing several anonymous participants in the California Sober movement.


“When I drink, even if it’s just a glass of wine or two with dinner, I definitely notice that my quality of sleep goes down,” one participant told the site. “If I skip the booze and take a few hits of my cannabis vape pen instead, I sleep like a baby and wake up feeling refreshed.”


There are some wellness connections associated with this trend as well. It is believed that people who try to live California Sober can maintain a healthier lifestyle, with less risks of weight gain, liver troubles or impairments associated with drug use. Marijuana, as we all know, has gotten a much better reputation over the past two decades and is now legal in multiple states. It is believed that partaking in this drug is “safer” than overdoing it with alcohol or narcotics.


Real Simple even went so far as to list questions that may push people into the California Sober lifestyle. Their top ask read, “Do you crave a ‘cleaner’ lifestyle, but don’t want to give up having a little help in relaxing?” Indeed, alcohol is often thought as a go-to, when people need to unwind. The truth is, it is an addictive substance that can quickly turn into a dangerous habit. In that regard, we most certainly support finding other avenues to “de-stress.”


But, the only area where we disagree with California Sober is its choice of alternative outlets. Marijuana has been shown to be addictive in certain cases and psychedelics also carry dangerous side effects. If it were up to us to define this term, we would recommend choosing exercise or a relaxing hobby as the better alternative for remaining clean and stress-free.