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Loosid App Aims To Connect Sober Singles

Believe it or not…In the modern era, sobriety and tech have become much more intertwined. Today, an increasing amount of apps are being developed to help people in their recovery journeys and (truth be told) a lot of gaining momentum. One very hot item in that realm is the new Smartphone download Loosid. Built upon the same concept as a Tinder or a Match, it’s a dating app that aims to connect sober singles.


Loosid recently earned itself a large feature story on the Pop Sugar website. The article even featured an interview with the app’s Founder and CEO, MJ Gottlieb. Gottlieb has openly struggled with addiction himself and developed the company as a way to help others maintain sobriety.


“As someone who has been sober since 2012, I know firsthand how daunting and overwhelming staying sober can be when drugs and alcohol was all you knew,” MJ told the site. “When I first entered sobriety, I thought that was the end of fun, so I invariably went back to using drugs and alcohol. Loosid was created to show the millions of people in recovery or seeking a sober life that not only is it not the end of fun, it is just beginning.”


Gottlieb launched the company back in November 2018 and since then, has seen an account list that measures into the tens of thousands. This particular dating app is unique in the sense that you don’t necessarily have to be looking for love to join. In fact, Loosid asks people a wide variety of questions as they populate their profiles. From there, it can connect you to other sober singles or a niche recovery support group.


Beyond that, Loosid has a complete network of online sobriety resources. There is a website with live chat support, a hotline, and even digital “boozeless guides” that can direct people to fun locales that are alcohol free. The app opens up a wide variety of interest boards as well, where people can find sober travel companions, workout buddies and more.


One other interesting feature of the app is the ability to become a “Loosid Ambassador.” In that capacity, you can work as a local organizer or a support system for sober people who are new to the network. We certainly applaud Gottlieb’s mission and do hope more exciting tech advancements are on the horizon which can push for recovery advocacy.