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Celebrating National Recovery Month

Though 2020 has certainly been a unique year with lots of adjustments and changes, one thing has thankfully remained constant. And that’s the acknowledgement and celebration of National Recovery Month, which occurs every September. Now just like everything else, this year will be happening a little differently. Gone are the in-person events and get togethers. But in their place are some fantastic online, social media and Zoom chat initiatives, encouraging people around the world to honor those who have beaten their addictions.


As with every year, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (or SAMHSA, for short) is spearheading the movement; with tons of resources and announcements on their website. This happens to be the 31st anniversary of Recovery Month, which officially “educates Americans that substance abuse treatment can enable them to live healthy and rewarding lives.”


This year’s logo is symbolic for many reasons. It includes several pieces of string tied together and branching out into multiple directions. Each is a different color and reflects a different variation of the recovery journey; whether it is overcoming a substance, building an alumni network, or what have you. The idea behind all of the knots is connectivity and the theme of 2020 happens to be Celebrating Connections. We actually find this quite poignant, as 2020 has made connecting more challenging with quarantines and COVID-19. Nevertheless, through texts, phone conversations, Zoom chats and more, it is still very possible (and very important) to keep your networks strong.


In keeping with the times, Recovery Month is also distributing branded masks to encourage social distancing while also spreading the message of treatment. Organizers have also made a point to bring back the annual hashtag in order to empower people across social media pages. For the record, #RecoveryMonth is what you should seek out and share to help promote the movement.


Webinars are also a big part of the program this year. Throughout September there are online get togethers touching on topics like community, support and employment services. One very helpful resource that covers all of the happenings is the Recovery Month online toolkit. We highly recommend sharing it with your network. There are helpful images and post recommendations to promote the movement, as well as links designed to inform and educate.


The mission statement does a great job in summarizing the cause and call-to-action for 2020.


“Recovery Month 2020 reminds us that when we Celebrate Connections and share our personal accomplishments and struggles, we combat the stigmas that can impede the recovery journey and send a message to positively impact lives for the better,” it explains. “Together, we will spread the message to people seeking recovery that “You are not alone. There’s hope, help, and support available from others.”