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The Trump Administration Speaks Out For Recovery Month

September, as many of us are aware, is National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month. It during this time of the year that many messages, hashtags and blogs get highlighted to lend support for those who are struggling. It is also a time to celebrate people who have achieved sobriety and mourn those who have lost their lives to a dependency. As with every year, many major organizations also speak out; lending their support to the cause. And just last week some added attention came from President Donald Trump, who issued a statement about the movement.

Via an official press release, the White House (and notably First Lady Melania Trump) acknowledged the country’s addiction issues; particularly the devastation that is being caused by the opioid crisis. Mrs. Trump emphasized a program that she’s spearheading called the “Be Best Initiative.” This movement calls on the family members and friends of people facing dependencies; encouraging their support.

“Today, we are here to highlight two important things in recovery: the power of recovery tools and resources in the workplace, and the role personal connection to others plays in achieving sobriety.” Mrs. Trump explained in the press release. “My Be Best initiative expands upon these themes by promoting healthy relationships and strong families, and by supporting the people and programs in communities that give children their best chance to succeed.”

Mrs. Trump also sent a message to employers across America, encouraging them them help “eliminate the stigma” by opening up their work environments and welcoming people in recovery. Her closing remarks emphasized a fact that we’re all quite familiar with. Mainly, that addictions show no prejudices and can impact people from every walk of life.

“In my time as First Lady, I have traveled to hospitals and rehabilitation centers around the county and have seen the devastating results of drug abuse and addiction,” she concluded. “I have learned that addiction and drug abuse are universal issues that do not discriminate based on income, age, race, or wherever you live. I believe that promoting education and awareness on this issue is critical to overcoming this terrible trend, which is why I am joining you here today.”

Wherever your political leanings lie, we can definitely appreciate the White House (and politicians from both sides of the aisle) uniting to help end dependency stigmas. You can learn more about the National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month by clicking here.