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Returning Home After Rehab and Maintaining Recovery

One of the hardest parts of your addiction recovery journey is returning home after rehab and learning how to maintain recovery in this new situation and environment. There will be people that don’t understand the changes you’re trying to make and people that put too much pressure on perfecting the changes you have made. 

It is normal to be worried about this transition. You may consider a sober living home or attending as needed treatment through AA or a counselor. But the best way to manage the additional stress and maintain recovery is by attending outpatient therapy. By accessing an outpatient therapy program, you can continue to be supported on your journey of recovery through individualized counseling and group therapy options. 

Contact Valley Recovery & Treatment to see which of our high-quality outpatient treatment centers are in your area and can provide you continued support when returning home after rehab. At Valley Recovery & Treatment, our clients receive outpatient treatment that meets their specific needs. We work with individuals’ schedules to facilitate the transition back to everyday life and support their continued sobriety through individualized counseling, group therapy, and family therapy options. 

What Is It Like Returning Home After Rehab?

Returning home after rehab is stressful, there is no other way to view it. As one of the most challenging experiences of recovery, individuals often fear how the people in their lives will respond to the changes they are making for their future. In a flexible home environment, individuals can struggle with a lack of accountability and responsibility. 

Even the most motivated individuals can experience setbacks when returning home after rehab. One of the best ways to prevent relapse and maintain recovery is to access the aftercare planning and contingency planning put into place while attending treatment. 

How Can I Maintain Recovery When Returning Home After Rehab?

The best way to maintain recovery when returning home after rehab is by accessing the contingency planning that was put into place while attending rehab. A key factor in that is attending an outpatient treatment program. 

Outpatient treatment programs as part of an aftercare plan, work to reteach and reinforce the coping skills and self-management strategies learned in initial addiction treatment programs. By continuing an addiction treatment program with an outpatient program, clients have the opportunity to maintain a level of accountability and responsibility that is not evident for individuals who finish treatment and return home without continued treatment. 

Through outpatient treatment, clients can continue individualized counseling, group therapy, and family therapy. Through this process, individuals can be more comfortable with their living arrangements and their loved ones, who may unknowingly be causing more stress, can become self-aware and learn to be more supportive. 

What Resources Can I Access Through Valley Recovery & Treatment?

At Valley Recovery & Treatment we believe that recovery is possible for everyone. We provide a number of resources for individuals starting with detox and continuing for a lifetime of aftercare support. Our outpatient treatment programs are designed to assist in the transition to everyday life. Structured to meet the specific needs of our clients, our outpatient addiction treatment programs can be implemented to meet the scheduling needs of our clients. 

Located around Southern California, our treatment programs are designed with you in mind. By accessing one of our outpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs, you can be assured that you are receiving high-quality therapeutic treatments and the best and most compassionate care around.

Contact Valley Recovery & Treatment today to see which of our locations best meets your needs for returning home and maintaining recovery.