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Psychedelic Dependencies Rising Within The Military

Sadly, addictions are not that rare amongst people who serve. As we’ve mentioned before, issues like PTSD can lead to dependencies on substances like alcohol and drugs. Well now however, it appears as though another narcotic is becoming commonly abused among servicemen. According to new research, it is the psychedelic LSD.


The news outlet VICE recently covered this rising trend, calling out the United States Marines as the segment most impacted. One particular infantry (namely, the 2nd Division out of North Carolina) is getting the most attention for abusing psychedelics. And their drug testing results have led the Marine Corps to publicly announce a crackdown on people taking LSD. This would include random psychedelic drug tests, which identify that substance in particular.


A press release was actually issued following the news of the large amount of drug test failures within the 2nd Division. Interestingly, the unit did not appear to have a problem with common substances like drugs and alcohol. Rather, the problems lied strictly with LSD. Spokesperson Major General Francis L Donovan was quoted in the release.


“We have a drug problem in the 2nd Marine Division,” he explained. “We are changing the way in which we test for illegal substances. We are committed to identifying violators of our ethos, The vast majority of Marines within the 2d Marine Division routinely uphold our core values, and they deserve to know that the Marines to their left and right are doing the same.”


It is not uncommon for military units to undergo random drug tests. But those tests rarely check for psychedelics like LSD. The press release now highlights that this type of testing will now be standard, as previous results showed a dangerous trend. And for the record, the Marines have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to any type of drug, so this could mean future disciplining for various divisions.


VICE actually highlighted some additional interesting stats in their article. According to research that they shared dating back to 2018, anonymous military personnel spoke highly about LSD consumption. Apparently they found the drug exciting during quieter times and one interviewee said he “loved altering his mind.” It is also worth noting that acid was not regularly tested for, so many felt they could use it without the fear of being caught.


VICE went on to share a 2019 Marine Corps Gazette report that advocated microdosing LSD to help carry out missions. In our opinion, psychedelics can still create lasting problems for people that continually use them. And there is data to show their addictive nature. If you or anyone you care about is abusing psychedelics please know that there are resources available for help.