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New Opioid Warning: ‘One Pill Can Kill You’

We’ve often warned about the dangers of fentanyl, but just how deadly is this synthetic opioid? Well during a recent press conference, U.S. Attorney General McGregor Scott addressed the topic head on. Speaking swiftly and directly, he emphasized that “just one pill can kill you.”


The northern California news outlet Sacramento Bee covered this latest announcement. Scott spoke to the press at the United States Courthouse in Sacramento, answering questions and addressing new stats about fentanyl’s deadly overdose trends. He also shared large images of fentanyl-laced pills, to illustrate what street versions of this drug can look like.


Scott made a point to address the upswing in fentanyl use since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. In a bit of sobering news, he shared that 2020’s overdose number is expected to far exceed what we’ve seen in previous years.


“I can tell you that the numbers from 2020, once we have those final numbers, are going to be dramatically greater than they were in 2019,” Scott explained to the crowd. “We know that social isolation and economic insecurity are a setup for substance abuse disorders.”


As far as solutions are concerned, Scott made a point to touch on that as well. His office believes that tackling fentanyl overdoses should be done with a three-pronged approach that includes treatment, education and prosecution. He also made a plea to parents, urging them to take time and talk with their children about the dangers of opioids, fentanyl and overall addictions.


One other speaker at the conference was Drug Enforcement Agency Special Agent in Charge Daniel Comeaux. Not surprisingly, he took an even harsher stance than Scott when discussing the problem. The prong his office seemed most focused on was prosecution and punishing those who are profiting off of illegal fentanyl sales. During his speech, Comeaux came down hard on dealers and also warned the public about the dangers of opioid experimentation.


“We will come after you if you’re selling this poison in our area,” Comeaux emphasized. “And for everyone tempted to experiment with fentanyl or opioids, my message is simple. Don’t do it for fun. Don’t do it for recreation.”


Indeed, fentanyl has become one of the most dangerous new street drugs on the market. Anyone curious to try it could legitimately be putting their life at risk the first time they use. Though this may sound like a harsh warning, it’s an important one that Americans need to know about.