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New ‘Know The Facts’ Campaign Aims To Promote Recovery

We can certainly learn a lot from other big cities across the country. Though we’re west coast based, we continuously have our eye on what’s happening in New York and the progress that Andrew Cuomo is making in the fight against addiction. This week, the noted governor kicked off a special awareness campaign aimed to promote treatment centers and recovery throughout his state.


Know The Facts” (as it is titled) touches upon everything from alcoholism to the opioid crisis. It consists of posters, radio spots, fact sheets and online toolkits that can help steer people toward proper recovery clinics. It is also completely bilingual, with call outs to both the English and Spanish speaking populations.


Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul issued a press release about the campaign, emphasizing that nearly two million New Yorkers currently suffer from an addiction.


“The key is making sure people are aware of the resources available and that they have access to them,” she explained in a statement. “Lives can be saved and returned to normal with help and support. With this campaign, we hope to encourage people to start their journey on the road to recovery.”


Hochul also directed people to the official “Know The Facts” website, which includes several downloadable materials that can be shared by people within the community. And truth be told, you don’t have to be a New Yorker to make use out of these flyers.


Below is an example of a powerful message that can apply to any city.


Though 30 seconds long, the radio spots also pack in a lot of important information.


The video clips are also quite compelling and certainly inspirational. Perhaps sharing these with local leaders could help spur similar conversations on the west coast.


And we highly recommend sharing the site’s Fact Sheets with parents, regardless if they’ve been impacted by addiction.


Perhaps most noteworthy, however, is a link to a 60-minute original documentary that highlights the progress New York State has made in the realm of recovery. Titled Reversing The Stigma, it offers a very real snapshot of people whose live have been transformed thanks to treatment.


You can certainly spend a long time on the “Know The Facts” site and we highly recommend it. Our advice would be to download any and all materials that pertain to your inner circle. Getting these in front of people who are struggling can be a positive first step in making a real difference.