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New Addiction Exhibit Gains National Attention

Obviously, there are many ways to spread the message of addiction. And we give just as much credit to the abstract advocates as we do to the ones rallying on the steps of Congress. One very unique way that the cause is being championed is happening at the Indiana State Museum, which just opened an attention-grabbing exhibit on the nation's opioid crisis.

Titled FIX: Heartache and Hope Inside Our Opioid Crisis, it has garnered viral attention thanks to some notable news reports. Local affiliate WTTV 4 covered its opening, outlining some of the artistic ways that this message is getting conveyed.

For one thing, the exhibit fills over 7,000 square feet of space. It uses avant garde art, video components and interactive features that simulate the effects of a dependency. There is also an area that shows the harrowing effects this crisis can have on young people, with a section showing addiction through a teenager's eyes.

Indiana State Museum Vice President of Experience Brian Mancuso spoke to WTTV about the exhibit's intent. His hope is that it will reduce some of the negative stereotypes surrounding dependencies and give people a realistic glimpse into this terrible problem.

"We're looking at changing the conversation, breaking the stigma for those that are around it," Mancuso told WTTV reporters. "There's still so much shame and stigma around this topic that keep people from seeking help."

The FIX exhibit has a very comprehensive web page, outlining what museum visitors can expect. One popular section touches on "Myths and Misconceptions," which we feel is a very important topic. There is also popular interactive feature, which includes a game called Crave Bot. Touching on everything from alcohol to social media, it gives users a real understanding on how certain motivations can get out of our control.

Perhaps the most inspirational section touches on the recovery experience. Here visitors are given access to resources that can help them (or their loved ones) get clean. Understanding addiction is one thing. Taking action and beginning a healing process is just as important of a step.

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb emphasized that point too, when participating in the FIX exhibit awareness campaign. He issued a quote that is a centerpiece of the entire experience.

"Substance use impacts our family, friends and neighbors. That's why continuing to help more people enter recovery will always remain a top priority," Holcomb emphasized. "The more we know about the ways it affects people, the better equipped we'll be to avoid dependence or support someone you love."

You can see the full WTTV report below...