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Music Treatment With ‘Recovery Unplugged’

Music therapy has proven to be quite successful when it comes to conquering an addiction. In fact, it’s a practice that we implement at Valley Recovery Center. But over in Nashville, it’s getting taken to an entirely new level with a special program entitled Recovery Unplugged.

The Unplugged movement actually garnered some widespread media attention, including a featured segment on Nashville’s FOX TV affiliate. In the piece, founder Joey Grant is interviewed and explains what makes this type of treatment so successful.

Grant, for the record, has a rich musical background himself. He had previously worked as a songwriter for the rock band Aerosmith and plays a wide variety of instruments. He also happens to be an addiction survivor and is using both of those experiences to help others.

“I listen to music 24/7,” Grant explained in the segment. “I play music a whole lot, and the endorphin part, it’s my high. It makes my hair stand up, it gives me motivation. And the truth is, it was the motivation I needed to overcome my addiction to opioids.”

The interesting thing about the Unplugged program is its deep focus on the musical experience. Rather than use it as a component towards overall treatment (like we do, for example), Unplugged has built an entire agenda around it. The facility is filled with pianos, guitars, drum sets and more. There are also classes that encourage attendees to write songs and share their journey through lyrics.

Clinical Director Ian Jackson was also interviewed for the piece. He explained the actual science that ties all of these fundamentals together.

“It’s scientifically proven that music releases oxytocin in the brain which is a neuro hormone known as the love drug or the cuddle hormone,” Jackson told the news reporter. “Music is the thing that people remember, the color of their bedroom when they were 10 years old when a certain song comes on, or their wedding song, or a song they have with their loved one.”

And since Unplugged has a founder who worked in the industry, the program actually brings in celebrities and successful music artists who have overcome addiction. They also emphasize that you do not have to be a trained instrumentalist to join in. There are multiple skill levels available. All that’s required is a love of the art form.

It certainly sounds inspiring to us and we encourage everyone to watch the FOX segment in full below…