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Lawmakers Take Action Against ‘Fake Drug Tests’

With the opioid crisis on the rise nationwide, it does make sense for employers to monitor and promote sobriety in the workplace. And for decades now, the common way of carrying that out has been with random on site drug tests. Well, many addicted workers have now found ways to “cheat” that system by using synthetic clean urine whenever the mandate is laid down. Truth be told, that scenario hurts everybody because the job now has impaired employees and the ones “faking the tests” are continuing to use.


Lawmakers have taken note of that fact and, with the rise of inaccurate workplace drug tests, are now passing legislation that prohibits the sale of synthetic urine. Both Indiana and New Hampshire have pushed through these regulations, including criminal charges for any type of fake drug test result.


And up until now, it was actually quite easy to obtain fake urine samples; particularly online. Smoke shops also commonly sell the product, which employees can then take to the workplace and swap in if asked for a sample.


David Powell, executive director of the Indiana Prosecuting Attorney’s Council, spoke openly about the need for synthetic urine bans. As he put it, products like these serve no practical purpose.


“If it’s your job or you’re going to probation or you’re going to lose your kids, a lot of those folks will do anything to pass a drug test,” he told a local news outlet. “People can basically use it to avoid consequence with their employers and probation officers. There’s just no other legitimate purpose for it.”


Indeed, these types of products can also be used for people on probation or parents who have been neglectful of their children. Getting away with urine “cheats” only further the bad habits.


According to recent articles in The Washington Post and The New York Times, it’s mainly blue collar workers have been caught with fake urine on the job. Truck drivers, in particular, have been singled out as having heavy purchase behaviors and that, in itself, could be very dangerous if they choose to use and get on the highway.


We all know that a dependency can cloud people’s judgment, but it is critically important to not “cheat” your way out of doing honest work. If you find yourself impaired on the job, no matter how you make your living, take a beat, come clean and get the help you need.