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Google Creates New Recovery Website

We are always excited to see recovery-related stories make headlines and this week, our industry got quite a boost from the tech giant Google. The famed search engine publicly announced that they are launching a brand new website with the purpose of helping people battling addictions.

The new page is called “Recover Together” and utilizes some of Google’s signature technology to educate followers about sobriety. Touching every part of the country, it connects people with Google Maps tools that highlight local treatment facilities. Beyond that, it has helpful videos and testimonials from company employees who have successfully beaten their addictions.

The site arrives amidst the publicity behind National Recovery Month, which promotes education and support across the world wide web. There are also several partners behind the movement, including the Recovery Resource Hub; which helped Google programmers accurately populate their treatment maps.

You can see an example below of the “R” resources available on their site locator template.

The site also uses tech from Google’s partner company YouTube via a series of videos optimized for mobile phones and desktops. Each runs roughly a minute and showcases powerful stories from recovery alumni, counselors and life coaches.

The Recovery Together site also features resources for the loved ones of those dealing with a dependency. There are instructions on how to help bring someone to treatment and even a list of terms that are helpful when speaking with an addicted family member or friend.

The page also has sections devoted to treatment and prevention. On the treatment side, Google users can locate naloxone dispensaries within their vicinities. The prevention site is extremely helpful as well, letting people navigate to local drug disposal locations. It also has a complete FAQ for people hoping to better understand their dependency.

The new site’s mission statement sums up the philosophy quite well, tying it all back to Google’s newest branded hashtag, #RecoveryMovement.

“The #RecoveryMovement celebrates the 23 million Americans living in recovery from addiction,” the site proclaims. “With support from Google, eight of them, ranging from a Google employee to a former White House staffer to a high schooler, shared their stories of addiction and recovery to help break the stigma and the silence associated with addiction and recovery.”

We definitely recommend taking some time to peruse Recovery Together (whether you’re dealing with an addiction or not). And please make sure to share the message, which is perfectly summarized in the site’s branded trailer below…