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FDA Cracks Down On ‘Addiction Curing’ Herbal Drugs

As we probably all know, addiction can lead to extreme vulnerability for many people. For those battling a dependency and their families, an easy “miracle cure” can often offer a ray of hope. But the truth of the matter is, true recovery takes time, effort and commitment. Certain products, though, say otherwise, which has led to a major FDA crackdown.

This past week, the Food and Drug Administration issued stern warnings against two businesses making such claims. As reported by CNBC, the companies KratomNC and Cali Botanicals were threatened with steep fines and legal actions for their false advertising.

Both tout kratom-related products, which are are herbal extracts that supposedly work against opioid addictions. Kratom grows naturally outside of the United States and works as a stimulant, which reportedly can help for those experiencing extreme pain.

In that regard, companies like the two mentioned claim it can work as an opioid replacement and help with the addiction withdrawal process. But none of that has been scientifically proven and kratom does have notable side effects.

For one thing, it has been known to cause dizziness and drowsiness. In extreme cases, kratom has been linked to comas and even death. So the deceptive marketing campaigns can actually lead to a tremendous amount of damage.

“Despite our warnings, companies continue to sell this dangerous product and make deceptive medical claims that are not backed by science or any reliable scientific evidence,” acting FDA Commissioner Dr. Ned Sharpless told the press in a statement. “By marketing kratom as a potential treatment for opioid abuse, companies like Cali Botanicals and KratomNC could prevent people who are addicted to opioids from seeking proper care.”

And that, of course, is the other real issue with these products. By fooling customers into thinking they can easily curb their opioid habits, they are leading them further and further away from an appropriate treatment program.

Since the warnings were issued, Cali Botanicals has already taken action to remove opioid references from its website. KratomNC, however, is still making the same claims.

“Here is just some of what our customers have used kratom to treat,” KratomNC’s website says. “Chronic Pain, Migraines, Opiate Addiction, ADHD/ADD, Anxiety, Depression, Arthritis, Insomnia and much more!”

We definitely applaud the FDA for cracking down on unscrupulous businesses such as these. And we cannot emphasize enough, that proper recovery programs are the only way to truly combat a serious opioid addiction.