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‘Back From Broken’ Podcast Offers Addiction Support

As we all probably know by now, the podcast world is saturated with hosts and categories that cover a very wide gamut. And sometimes, it may be challenging to locate a series that actually does justice to the topics of addiction and recovery. Well, we are excited to recommend a brand new one that does just that. It is entitled Back From Broken and it is most certainly worth a listen.


Hosted by award-winning journalist Vic Vela, episodes tend to run about 40 minutes and feature one-on-one conversations with a variety of experts in the field. Vela, himself, is no stranger to addiction, having publicly battled a severe cocaine dependency for almost two decades. Now five years sober, Vela offers an honest and unapologetic perspective when it comes to destructive habits.


Vela, who is also openly gay, spoke to local Colorado affiliate The Denver Channel about Back From Broken and his long addiction history.


“I had behavior issues and I had struggles with my sexuality because I knew I was gay at a young age,” Vela explained to the outlet. “Growing up in small town Colorado in the ‘80s and ‘90s, it was a different time. At a very young age, in high school especially … what was the one thing that could really make those problems go away? It was drugs and alcohol. That’s when I fell in love with booze [and drugs].”


Vela went on to add that his drug habit soon evolved into crack cocaine and there were times when he nearly overdosed. He emphasized that his recovery journey included a variety of saviors from all walks of life. And that happens to be one of the angles he plans to use for the podcast.


“We’re going to meet people from all different backgrounds,” he continued. . “If you were to put all these people in one room, they would have zero in common. There’ll be a former professional basketball player, a former pro wrestler, a groundskeeper. These people have very little in common except for one thing, and that’s recovery.”


Back From Broken is scheduled to run for an initial 10 episodes. The first one is available now and features blues guitarist Anders Osborne. Vela explained that future editions will shed light on different addictions; from alcoholism, to gambling and more. He even plans to do one focused solely on his own journey.


In our opinion, this is definitely a worthwhile podcast and we encourage all of our followers to add it to their ongoing Playlists.