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Anti-Vaping Lectures Added To Local Schools

We’ve talked many times before about the dangers of vaping, particularly when it comes to young people. Tragically, this new trend is now turning into an addiction problem and creating serious lung issues for people who over indulge. So it actually makes sense that, in Los Angeles at least, local schools are beginning to address the problem on a wider scale.

One of the first regions to take action on vaping education is the Glendale Unified School District. Per The Los Angeles Times, several middle and high schools are now holding regular assemblies to ensure that their students know the real dangers behind this trend.

Though it may sound disheartening, the truth of the matter is that students as young as 10 are participating in these lectures. The vaping craze is reaching kids much sooner than even cigarettes did in previous generations.

One speaker who has been hired by Glendale Unified is Al Hradecky. He told The Times that he tailors his lectures depending on the ages in attendance. For the 10 year olds, for example, conversations are more focused on the pens people commonly use and the toxic ingredients in vaping juice bottles.

Educators at Glendale schools were also interviewed for the piece and shared their concerns about vaping awareness.

“I live in this community, and I feel like it’s an epidemic with our youth,” Sona Arakelyan, a principal at local Balboa Elementary, told the site. “Even though I have not seen [vaping] incidents at Balboa, our kids ask about it. I know they’re wondering what it is. I figured it’s better to warn them properly.”

Indeed, prevention is part of this tactic as well. Curiosity is often a component in the journey towards addiction. Educating younger kids about the dangers of vaping can hopefully halt further experimentation.

Parents within the Glendale community are concerned as well. Per The Times, local families helped raise $30,000 to pay for the lectures and anti-vaping education resources. And Glendale Unified was also very active in halting the expansion of the habit, filing a lawsuit against vaping manufacturer, Juul Labs Inc., last year.

“Student health and safety is a top priority for [the] Glendale Unified School District,” Arakelyan concluded. “Vaping is a dangerous epidemic negatively impacting thousands of young people each year. It is vital that our students get the facts and understand the dangers of this deadly habit.”