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Alert For New Fentanyl Strain

Sadly, America’s opioid crisis appears to be getting more dangerous at every turn. As the epidemic progresses, more and more lethal painkiller strains are hitting the streets and putting people at a real risk of fatally overdosing. The latest warning comes out of Seattle and concerns a new deadly fentanyl mix called carfentanil.

Sold as a white powdery substance or in pill form, carfentanil is reportedly 10,000 times more potent than morphine and 100 times stranger than traditional fentanyl. And let’s not forget, fentanyl itself is responsible for the lion’s share of America’s deadly overdoses; so this carries a very real risk.

Up in Washington, carfentanil now accounts for as many as two overdoses each day. And worse yet, it has been gaining popularity with the younger set; claiming the lives of multiple Seattle teens.

Dr. Caleb Banta-Green is a researcher and scientist at the University of Washington’s Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute. Speaking with local ABC affiliate KOMO News, he issued a grave warning for those who come in contact with carfentanil.

“When I heard that carfentanil was found in Seattle, I was like, ‘Oh no!’ ” Dr. Banta-Green explained. “It’s even that much more strong than fentanyl, you need even less of it to get people high or kill people on it.”

Dr. Banta-Green added that he suspects it is coming from overseas. He also believes it is being strategically sold as an illicit street drug.

“With these new synthetic opioids, which we think are coming in from China, they’re so potent you only have to ship a little bit,” he added. “It is also very profitable, which is why it may have arrived in our area.”

Traditionally, carfentanil’s ingredients have been used to tranquilize large animals. The potency is incredibly strong and there have always been severe warning about it coming into contact with humans.

In fact, Dr. Banta-Green added that there is a “significant threat” if first responders happen to touch it by accident. It is important that they are made aware of its appearance and traits before handling the substance.

One added note in the KOMO article called out the anti-overdose Narcan. Thankfully, it can also be applied in the middle of a carfentanil overdose; which means lives can still be saved.

Above all, though, it is very important that the word get out about this dangerous substance before it begins spreading at an alarming rate.

You can watch KOMO’s full carfentanil report below…