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‘Walk Like MADD’ Promotes Safety And Sobriety

You’ve probably heard us bring up the MADD organization many times in our blogs. Also known as Mothers Against Drunk Driving, it’s a non-profit that has helped educate millions about the dangers of being wasted behind the wheel. Well, what many people may not know about this movement is their ongoing Walk Like MADD initiative; which encourages citizens across the country to participate in a 5k. The goal is to spread additional awareness and also provide support for families who have been impacted by DUI deaths.


On June 9th they’ll be hitting the streets of the Inland Empire for this event, followed by another July “Walk” in Ventura County. Both are expected to receive strong turnouts, as did the May 5k in Rhode Island. That outing united people from 90 local communities, bringing the total grouping to over 300. Tragically, as with most walks, this one honored a fallen daughter; seven-year-old Haylee Molina. Haylee lost her life after a drunk driver hit her scooter in broad daylight.


“When it hits you this close, it’s literally a violation of your space” Molina’s aunt, Debra Violette, told NBC at the event. “Someone attacked a child and a member of our family. We are proud to be here, though. This event is really about creating a message of hope and love and passion for those who have been affected so that they can become connected to those who have gone through something similar.”


Similarly, the I.E. and Ventura County events will be dedicated to locals impacted by inebriated drivers. This year actually marks the 10th anniversary of the “Walk” and the Mothers Against Drunk Driving site signified it with some encouraging stats. Thanks to awareness and generous donations, MADD claims that these events have served over 800,000 victims. They also help to promote law enforcement, influence local politicians and offer emotional resources for anyone who has been traumatized by a DUI accident.


Calling attention to this historic anniversary, the MADD website shared some inspiring words with its readers.


The past 10 years have provided victims and survivors a place to come together and celebrate and honor their loved one’s life,” it said. “Many families have expressed how much participating in the Walk has helped them through the grieving process and showed them that they are not alone.”


This is definitely a worthy cause and we highly encourage all of our followers to visit the Walk Like Madd Facebook page for details on the upcoming SoCal events.