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The Benefits Of Quitting Alcohol

We have seen alcohol wreak havoc on so many lives. Excessive drinking can tear apart families, cost people their livelihood and even result in premature death. But there are many more reasons to give up the bottle, some of which were highlighted in a recent poll put together by Self Magazine. We found these points to be just as valid as the more drastic consequences and believe they are worth sharing.

Reason #1: I didn’t like who I was after drinking.

We all know that overindulging in alcohol can drastically alter someone’s personality. People can grow angry, come off unkempt and create embarrassing situations for themselves when boozing too much. One Self reader summed up this point quite well, especially after reflecting on the positive things she has now earned in her life.

“Somewhere along the way I stopped liking who I was when I would drink,” the anonymous contributor wrote. “I’d say or do something awful and then I would spend days regretting it. As I get older the stakes are too high. I have a great relationship and a good job. I am not going to blow this over alcohol.”

Reason #2: It was taking a tremendous financial toll.

Currently, bar cocktails can run as much as $20 a pop (and that’s before a tip). So for those who choose to go out regularly and get wasted, you can imagine the excessive tabs that appear at the end of a night. It is not uncommon for an alcoholic to spend thousands of dollars a month on their habit, which, for most of us, can put a serious damper on a savings account.

Reason #3: I was using alcohol to cope with depression.

If you’re dealing with a painful time in your life, coping with alcohol is never a viable solution. The truth of the matter is, drinking exacerbates depression symptoms and creates even more feelings of isolation and loneliness. It is also a very unhealthy outlet for getting over a rough patch. Options like therapy can be beneficial when dealing with overwhelming sadness. And, as another Self contributor wrote, physical activity works quite well too.

“Instead of going out drinking, I started to use hot yoga, indoor cycling classes, and jogging to fill my time,” the poll responder explained. “I concentrated on nurturing myself and didn’t focus on what I was missing by not drinking. Instead I focused on what I was beginning to gain, which was the clarity I needed to move forward.”