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Pride community at a parade with hands raised and the LGBT flag.

Sobriety During Pride Month

Traditionally, the summer is a time when “partying” temptations rear their ugly head. There’s beer-filled BBQs, cocktails by the beach and a host of other noteworthy activities that could expose someone to a potential dependency. And as the website correctly points out…June is designated as Pride Month for the LGBTQ community, which could certainly fuel addictive tendencies with parades, festivals and club events.

In an article titled “How to Party at Pride If You’re Sober,” VICE delves into all of the temptations one may have to navigate through during this exciting month. It also calls out the fact that as much as 39 percent of the LGBTQ population has struggled with addiction at one point in their life. For the record, those stats are nearly twice as high as they are for heterosexual adults.

Research provided from the site showed issues like homophobia, family disputes and social isolation play a big role in the addictive tendencies of the LGBTQ community. So, with those stats already prominently on display, it makes sense to strongly highlight sobriety during a festive time like Pride Month.

To help combat temptation, several organizations are putting together sober Pride events. There are celebratory cruises where alcoholic beverages are banned. And there are “clean stages” during San Francisco’s June parade, where designated spaces are arranged that contain no drugs or alcohol.

VICE also highlights several sober recommendations before a Pride night out. One suggestion was to find a buddy or a group of friends who can support you if you decide to go clubbing.

“One trigger for substance use can be feelings of loneliness or isolation, and this is one way to get ahead of it,” VICE writer Molly Priddy explained in her article. “It’s awesome knowing you have someone who will leave with you if need be, or is just on the same page as you are.”

Another suggestion is to stock up on non-alcoholic beverages if you are going out to a festival. Priddy recommends packing a bag of La Croix, so you can stay hydrated without having your hands full of shots or cocktail glasses.

Obviously there are many more tactics to pass along. In our opinion, though, it is also very important to do a self-evaluation during this time of year. If the temptations start to feel too great, please reach out and have a conversation with someone who can help.