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Man Doing Inhalation Through Oxygen Mask At Home

New Invention May Help Reduce Alcohol Poisonings

It’s a scary thought, but you can actually die after one session of heavy drinking. Fatal alcohol poisoning is a very real occurrence and one that, tragically, happens a lot more often than you may think. But, in an effort to combat that, a Canadian tech company is putting forth an invention that may make a major difference.


Covered by the popular tech site Gizmodo, the new invention actually works as a type of breathing apparatus. In fact, it literally helps people exhale alcohol out of their system. The device goes by the name ClearMate and it is already showing a lot of promise during its early testing phase.


So far, ClearMate is receiving a lot of praise from the scientific community. It also is being noted for the simplicity of its design. Users are basically outfitted with a gas mask, which connects to a supply of oxygen and carbon dioxide. The mixture creates a hyperventilation experience; which actually helps exude alcohol from a person’s bloodstream.


Inventor Joseph Fisher spoke to Gizmodo about the design and the hope he has for it saving lives.


“The method is so simple and obvious that even looking at it, no one recognizes its potential,” he explained. “With each breath, it is designed to allow the normal amount of carbon dioxide to escape and any excess is returned on the very next breath. This is all done in a simple way by a mechanical valve so it is foolproof—without needing electronics or computers.”


Early tests used healthy volunteers who allowed themselves to be intoxicated. The device helped them sober up within a span of 30 minutes, removing the risk of alcohol poisoning. This could also be useful for people who may try to operate a vehicle after drinking. And Fisher explained that ClearMate can even be applied to people who are unconscious.


So far, ClearMate has scored a major victory in its advancement. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved it for treatment with carbon monoxide poisoning. Passing the alcohol test would be the next major milestone. We, for one, are excited about its promise. It certainly won’t be a tool to help overcome long-term addictions, but if it can save lives and set people on the path towards sobriety; that’s a big win in our book.