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Marvel’s ‘Avengers’ Directors Plot New Addiction Film

It’s always nice to hear that the topic of addiction is getting some added attention with a feature film. And it’s even better to hear that a major A-list filmmaker (or in this case two) is behind the project; as that usually helps increase exposure. Well that happens to be the case with an upcoming drama entitled Cherrywhich is being directed by brothers Joe Russo and Anthony Russo; the team behind Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame.


The Hollywood Reporter recently published a feature story about the project, which is set to come to the Apple TV+ streaming service in March. Cherry also happens to be written by the Russos’ younger sister, Angela Russo-Otstot, who adapted it from a successful book documenting America’s opioid addiction crisis.


Though fictionalized, the plot of Cherry could easily apply to anyone fending off a crippling painkiller dependency. The premise is semi-autobiographical and involves a lead character who becomes a serial bank robber to help fund his devastating habit. Another Marvel alum, Spider-Man‘s Tom Holland, plays the lead in the film.


The Russo brothers spoke openly about the project to The Hollywood Reporter, explaining some of their motivations behind making it. One particular call out was that the story takes place in their hometown of Cleveland, Ohio (which is one of regions hardest hit by the crisis). Anthony Russo also explained that their unique background as blockbuster filmmakers could help put an interesting slant on the story.


“It’s a difficult story but it’s a very important story to tell now,” Russo told the site. “We wanted to make the movie accessible to audiences. We didn’t want to make the movie feel like you were taking your medicine by coming to see it. That was one of the key touch points for all of us in terms of understanding that we need to balance the movie in such a way as to make it entertaining and inviting to watch, because it is such challenging subject matter.”


Another point they brought up was addressing this addiction crisis through the eyes of Generation Z. Holland happens to be a rising star from that demographic and the brothers felt he could help attract younger viewers. They also wanted to give that group a proper voice as they have grown up around this crisis and continue to be greatly impacted by it.


We, for one, are definitely excited to see Cherry come to life. You can keep up on its streaming availability by clicking here. And take a look at the full trailer below…