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MADD Turns On New Holiday Awareness Campaign

We all know that the holidays are a time of joy and celebration. But with those celebrations can come alcoholic indulgences and even substance abuse. That, in itself, is a serious concern. But it can be amplified even more if those who use choose to get behind the wheel. To help bring awareness to that fact, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (aka MADD) has kicked off a special December sobriety campaign.

Launched prior to Thanksgiving, the “Serve Up Safety” message encourages people hosting parties and dinners to remove alcohol from the equation. “Mocktails” (or non-alcoholic drinks) are recommended and the org has even struck up a partnership with the brand Mocktails Uniquely Crafted to support the movement.

You can see an example of one of their social media Thanksgiving message (featuring Mocktails) below…

Several leaders within the MADD organization have spoken out about the dangers of holiday drinking, emphasizing the importance of designated drivers this time of year.

Executive director Fran Lanzer shared her thoughts on the issue and explained how easy it is to plan for a night of safe driving.

“Whether you’re traveling to holiday festivities or hosting a party, always remember your designated driver,” she told local news outlets. “Everyone can help keep our holiday season joyous by planning ahead when celebrations include alcohol.”

On their Facebook page, MADD also released some important stats related to holiday drinking and driving. Tragically, last year over 1,000 deaths were attributed to intoxicated motorists from Thanksgiving through new year’s eve.

It’s clearly a message that needs to be amplified, and it has been. Over 500 people shared the below image across social media, encouraging their networks to plan safely and contact Uber drivers if they’ve consumed too much.

Beyond the pics and social posts, MADD is also hosting charitable walks across the country to support the victims of intoxicated driving. There are also individual blog stories, giving the cause a much more human touch.

And finally, MADD has opened up a holiday support line for anyone who has been impacted by a drunk driving crash. 24 hours a day, people can call 877-MADD-HELP to speak with trained victim advocates and share their stories.

Of course, this is a very important cause and a fantastic organization. We encourage everyone to follow MADD on social media and spread the word about safe holiday driving.