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‘James Bond’ Joins The Non-Alcoholic Bandwagon

Progression is an important part of our recovery field and we certainly applaud high profile supporters of the cause. Case in point: the legendary film spy James Bond (famous, of course, for his “shaken not stirred” martini order) is now going dry and helping to promote non-alcoholic beer.

In his current state, Bond is famously portrayed by actor Daniel Craig and has been for over a decade. His highly anticipated new spy film, titled No Time to Die, arrives in theaters later this year and will be very different than the 007 of years’ past.

For this particular outing, Craig’s drink of choice will be Heineken’s new non-alcoholic beer label; titled 0.0. Heineken, for the record, has been part of the Bond franchise for the past several movies and is making quite a strong stance by switching the messaging to alcohol-free brews.

And keep in mind that this is message is going global. No Time to Die is one of 2020’s most anticipated movies and, in advance of its worldwide release, a series of Heineken 0.0 promos are being released across 75 countries. Several versions are available to view now, as evidenced below…

As you can see in this :15 clip, the premise shows a more mature Bond who is willing to turn down his typical hard-laced cocktails. As a bartender tries to slip him a martini, Craig suavely points to the Heineken 0.0 brand; ensuring that he can maintain his elegant demeanor without heavy booze.

So far, that version of the spot has garnered nearly 100,000 video views. And Heineken is working hard to make sure that message goes wider. A major press release was also issued alongside the clip to help bring attention to the partnership.

“Heineken® has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with the James Bond franchise for over two decades, covering the last eight films. Ahead of the release of No Time To Die, we wanted to bring a twist to the iconic character,” Heineken Global Marketing DirectorGianluca Di Tondo said in the release. “We are excited to have developed a dedicated Heineken® 0.0% element to the campaign.”

With major advertising events like the Super Bowl coming up in a matter of weeks, we imagine a commercial like this could be garnering a lot more buzz. And for that, we salute both the Bond filmmakers and Heineken. We know that we’ll be excited to watch No Time to Die when it arrives in theaters on April 10.