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Hunter Biden Memoir To Focus On Addiction

If you’ve been following the career of President Joe Biden, then you’re well aware about his grown son Hunter; who has openly battled addictions throughout his adult life. This is a topic our new president has addressed many times, emphasizing that issues like the opioid crisis have a deep, personal connection to his family. Well now, Hunter is speaking out for himself with a new memoir that will aim to address his struggles firsthand.


The book is scheduled to be released this April and will reportedly chronicle Hunter’s darkest moments, as well as the redemption that came through his recovery treatment. The younger Biden previously revealed that cocaine was a substance he had struggled with since college. Alcohol and pills became a habit as well, which led to multiple rehab stints over the past decade.


Though Hunter had talked about these issues before, his memoir promises to get much more detailed and has the full support of his father. In fact, White House press secretary Jen Psaki addressed the upcoming book during a recent conference with reporters. She emphasized that both Joe and Jill Biden “admire his strength” in openly discussing this topic. It is a move that the President and First Lady both found to be “courageous” and their entire family is hopeful that Hunter’s words will inspire others.


In previous interviews, Hunter described some of the reasons why he turned to drugs and alcohol in his young 20’s. For starters, his mother and sister were killed in a horrific car accident when he was just a young child. Later in life, his brother Beau (who he claimed to be very close to) died of cancer. When talking to The New Yorker about it, Hunter brought up some of his deep emotional pain.


“Look, everybody faces pain,” Biden explained in the interview. “Everybody has trauma. There’s addiction in every family. I was in that darkness. I was in that tunnel — it’s a never-ending tunnel. You don’t get rid of it. You figure out how to deal with it.”


The elder Biden famously defended his son during one of his final debates with former President Donald Trump. Hunter has proudly stated that Joe stood by him throughout all of his struggles, and the current Commander-in-Chief emphasized that fact when Trump took a swipe at Hunter’s dependencies.


“My son, like a lot of people, like a lot of people you know at home, had a drug problem,” Biden retorted. “He’s overtaken it. He’s fixed it. He’s worked on it, and I’m proud of him. I’m proud of my son.”


We will certainly make sure to keep the blogs updated once Hunter’s memoir gets a wide release.