Finding Therapy for Alcoholism Near Me

Finding Therapy for Alcoholism Near Me

If you are considering treatment for alcoholism, you’ve already made the toughest decision. Getting help is the first step on the journey of recovery and we here at Valley Recovery & Treatment are ready to support you through the rest of the process.

Through our multiple recovery centers in Southern California, we at Valley Recovery believe that long-term, sustainable recovery is possible. By providing a variety of treatments and therapy options for our clients struggling with alcoholism, we believe that all of our clients can develop the skills necessary for rehabilitation. 

What Is Alcoholism?

Alcoholism, also known as an Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) is a mental health disorder that is defined by its chronic and repetitive nature. This medical condition means that individuals are unable to stop drinking despite the problems it causes and the consequences. 

Approximately 14.5 million individuals over the age of 12 struggled with an AUD in 2019 and nearly 100,000 people lose their life annually in “alcohol-related deaths.” In California, alcohol accounts for more nonfatal emergency department visits than all other drug diagnoses combined, but only 7% of the population accesses alcohol addiction treatment. 

The time to get help for alcoholism is now. Contact Valley Recovery and Treatment today to see how we can support you on your journey of recovery.

What Are the Signs of Alcoholism?

Alcoholism is characterized by an individual’s cravings, loss of control, and a negative emotional state.

Individual cravings are what continues the problem. As alcohol enters the body, it depresses the nerves that control motor functioning and the brain’s “communication pathway” causing a relaxed feeling that can quickly be noted through loss of coordination and slurred speech. However, initially, this happens slower, as an individual builds a tolerance, more and more alcohol is needed to create the same initial relaxed feeling. When that is taken away, the body craves that feeling and the cyclical nature of alcoholism goes into effect.

Alcoholism can also cause a loss of control, and not just physically. When alcohol impacts the brain’s communication pathways, it also lowers inhibitions and increases risky behaviors. This can increase the likelihood of additional accidents and/or the opportunity for trauma to occur. 

Finally, alcohol is defined by its negative emotional state. Alcoholics will often find that they are more anxious or irritable when they aren’t drinking or that they only have fun when they are drinking. These feelings are typical of alcoholism and can cause additional social and familial stressors increasing the likelihood of drinking. 

Alcohol, when used as a stress reliever or to mitigate or depress other feelings, is quickly addictive and can cause a myriad of mental and physical problems. Half of individuals with a substance use disorder have an additional co-occurring mental health disorder that can often be exacerbated with alcohol. Physically, alcohol can cause kidney, liver, heart, and pancreases issues and increase the possibility of certain types of cancer.

How to Find Therapy for Alcoholism Near Me

Valley Recovery & Treatment has facilities located in Southern California and offer a variety of opportunities for individuals seeking help with alcoholism. Our goal is to provide accessible and appropriate treatment for each client because we believe that recovery is possible.

Through individualized care, our clients are able to focus on their specific needs in a supportive and safe environment. By adding unique therapies like music, Reiki, yoga, and pet therapy to our evidence-based behavioral therapy, we seek to support the holistic healing of each client. 

To find the best therapy for alcoholism near you, look no further than Valley Recovery Centers. Contact us today to see how our treatment facilities in Newhall, Agua Dulce, Burbank, Studio City, and Los Angeles can support you on your journey of recovery. 

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