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Different Types of Rehab Facilities Explained

If you are just starting to look for a drug and alcohol rehab center it may be helpful to have the different types of rehab facilities explained so that you know what you are looking for in a treatment center. By having the different types of rehab facilities explained, you can choose what will work best for your lifestyle and your sobriety. 

In this article, we will focus on how the different types of rehab facilities are explained and then how rehab programs like Valley Recovery & Treatment meets those needs across Southern California. 

If you already know you are ready for rehabilitation, contact Valley Recovery & Treatment today to learn more about our customized treatment plans.

What Are the Different Types of Rehab Facilities?

When it comes to having the different types of rehab facilities explained, it is actually simple to determine the two main types. There is inpatient, or residential, treatment and outpatient treatment. Deciding if you want to attend inpatient rehab or outpatient rehab should be the first choice. Keep in mind that while outpatient rehabilitation may seem like a cheaper, better fitting solution for your life, it will be extremely challenging. 

The next thing to determine is the types of therapy available. Most treatment centers will offer some level of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which is the most traditional type of evidence-based therapy available. However, many rehabilitation centers will now also offer alternative and unique therapies to promote holistic whole-body healing. These therapies include things like yoga, Reiki, mindfulness, meditation, creative arts therapies, biofeedback, medically-assisted therapy (MAT), and many more. Through the combination of these alternative therapies, rehab facilities help clients build a well-rounded mental support base. 

Finally, it is important to consider the amenities available when selecting a rehab facility. Amenities in an inpatient rehab center include things like private or shared rooms, on-site fitness opportunities/gym, and the quality of the location. In outpatient facilities, amenities include things like common areas, group meeting rooms, and opportunities for sober outings. These things become more important the more time you spend in a location. If you feel uncomfortable or underwhelmed by the location, you may not feel encouraged to return. 

What Types of Rehab Programs Do Valley Recovery & Treatment Have?

Valley Recovery offers both inpatient rehabilitation and outpatient care to meet the needs of individuals searching for addiction treatment in Southern California.

At Valley Recovery Center – Newhall, our male residential inpatient facility supports clients in a luxury setting allowing them to focus on healing and rehabilitation. By combining a variety of treatment styles, clients have the opportunity to work through and address their issues in a secluded environment. Private rooms with en-suite bathrooms and individualized therapy rooms offer privacy, the open kitchen, intimate common areas, on-site fitness room, and private inground pool offer opportunities for community building and peer support. 

At Valley Recovery Center – Agua Dulce, our residential inpatient provides clients a luxurious retreat in the mountains to recover and rehabilitate. The privacy and seclusion of this safe environment encourages walking the paths outdoors or swimming laps in the inground pool. Private rooms provide an escape and luxurious high-end amenities offer a spa-like setting. By providing the best compassionate care available, our clients have the opportunities to learn and access tips for life-long sobriety. 

At Inneractions IOP, our intensive outpatient program, located in Encino, California, we offer a variety of treatments meant to meet the needs of our clients working through sobriety one day at a time. With multiple group meeting rooms, cafeteria area, and lounge areas this safe and supportive environment encourages community building and social interaction. Inneractions also supports both female and male sober living properties with premium amenities and space to heal. 

How Can We Help You or Your Loved One Today at Valley Recovery & Treatment?

All three of our California locations have something different to offer our clients. Our customizable treatment plans, expertly trained staff, and lifetime aftercare guarantee make us one of the best options for long-term sobriety. 

Contact us today to see how we can support you on the journey of recovery – Valley Recovery & Treatment.