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Celebrities Go Online To Promote Virtual Recovery

If you Google the term “Addiction News” right now, chances are you’ll run across a myriad of stories centered on virtual recovery and online tools that can help with sobriety. It is certainly a message that we at Valley Recovery Center have touted in our blogs and now, it is becoming even more mainstream amid the “new normal” of COVID-19 and self quarantining. This week, the Los Angeles Fox show Good Day L.A. addressed the topic, bringing in celebrity (and influencer) Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino to spread the message.


Sorrentino became famous as a cast member on MTV’s reality show Jersey Shore back in the 2000’s. Since the series wrapped, he has been very vocal about his addiction struggles and the importance of recovery. We applaud Mike for taking this opportunity to spread the message to the viewers at Good Day L.A.


Local anchor Vanessa Borge spoke to Sorrentino and his wife Vanessa via Zoom for the Good Day segment, which outlined his mission to keep recovery active during a time of quarantines.


“I’ve had many rock bottoms,” Sorrentino explained during his remote interview. “I was heavily dependent on prescription drugs. Recovery is a one day at a time kind of thing. Once you can adapt to this new method of treatment, it is really not that scary of a road.”


The Good Day segment went on to outline the dangers facing people dealing with addictions during COVID-19. Loneliness and vulnerability were key call outs as people face this crisis. Borge also mentioned weakened immune systems for heavy users and how they may be more susceptible to the virus.


One other good point brought up in the piece was accountability. Recovery and alumni programs often involve sponsors and regular check in meetings to assure people are sticking with the program. The quarantines can easily create a disconnect there, which is why phone calls, texts and virtual sobriety meetings are so important during this time.


Borge also spoke with Santa Monica-based recovery advocate Dr. Lisa Steele, who offered some telling advice.


“Obviously, the coronavirus is something we should take very seriously,” Dr. Steele explained. “But even right now, the likelihood is still much greater for someone to die from an addiction than from COVID-19.”


You can watch the full Good Day L.A. segment below…