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Alcoholism Risks In Your 20s and 30s

We all know how the body can change as you enter different phases of your life. And though you might not realize it, there are significant differences as you go from your 20’s into your 30’s. One example of this relates back to alcoholism and the effects that drinking can have on your physical and mental health between these two decades. Interestingly, the Cosmo website published some unique findings in this arena; which we think are helpful for people between these age ranges.


Let’s start with the 20’s years. This is often a time of discovery when it comes to alcoholism. With the legal U.S. drinking age being 21, it is during this decade that people truly begin to experiment with booze and potentially make it part of their everyday lives. Here is the time when you may frequent bars more and keep a refrigerator regularly stocked with beer or wine.


But what are the long term effects of drinking too much at this age? Cosmo quoted Dr. Giuseppe Aragona, a lead physician at, for some thoughts. In his opinion, getting too acclimated with alcohol from ages 20-30 can lead to possible addiction problems down the road.


“People who drink excessively or have larger dependence on alcohol in their early adulthood and twenties are more likely to suffer from multiple physical issues when they reach their fifties and sixties,” Dr Aragona explained. “Your 20s are also a key point in your life when your dependence on alcohol will have a knock-on effect and will likely cement your relationship with alcohol through into your thirties and forties.”


Another key point about the 20’s age bracket is that it is a time when your body is still developing. Dr. Aragona added that people who drink too much in their early 20’s can put themselves more at risk for oral cancers, heart disease and even osteoporosis (as alcohol stops the bones’ ability to absorb calcium).


Looking into the 30’s age bracket, there are long term health effects that can begin to manifest during this decade as well. Dr. Aragona pointed out that eyesight and hearing begin deteriorating with alcoholism during this time. And it’s much more important to watch you blood pressure, as this type of behavior can cause serious spikes.


Mental health is another area to zero in on if you’re drinking too much in your 30’s. Stressors that often accompany this age range include marriage, children and added job responsibilities.


“Drinking large amounts in your twenties can leave permanent damage on your body,” Dr. Aragona concluded. “But drinking as you age is also just as bad and can have severe implications on your mental health.”