If you are in need of help or concerned for someone that does I HIGHLY recommend this facility . I had been in inpatient treatment one time prior and this place is so much better than what I had experienced prior and it far exceeded my expectations . I did not want to come to in patient and I am so glad that I chose to come here . The vibe is laid back and very friendly but make no mistake about it this is the real deal. I had three different therapists that I worked with not only one on one but also in groups . All of them are top notch and provided not only amazing insights and healing but concrete and real strategies to stay clean prior to leaving . My counselor was as very great and really took interest in my success. Great food all day that was not only tasty but cooked from the heart. I just loved my stay here and feel that it is really a special place to get well and to really find solutions to transcend active addiction. One last thing that I have to mention , my family also got to participate in the process and also got great therapy .


Was a wonderful staff who made every effort to support me during my recovery. The therapists are all top notch and were great to work with. Comfortable living and excellent chef who cooks a variety of meals.


The staff really cared about me.. this was my 9th time in a treatment facilty. And this is my last time i really feel like this treatment cared about me. From the staff to the clients this place is awesome!!!


Staff is cool and food is great. The program director is awesome.


I've loved the staff, they all made my stay better than i could have hoped for. I'm looking forward to the rest of my recovery.


This place has helped me drastically. My time at VRC was filled with
learning experiences about myself, addiction, and the 12-step program. I
left with a new lease on life and with hope for the future. Thank you VRC!


Excellent screening of clients Wide variety of therapy options Schedule changes often High staff turn over All of the staff that work here are very much engaged in with each client, there is a lot of support. Everything is individualized to each client.


This place really has helped me a lot with every aspect of recovery. Everyone here was fantastic staff and clients. I really feel like I got what i wanted from VRC.


Experienced and well educated staff, Safe, clean and well maintained facility providing outstanding treatment. Valley Recovery Center provides individual and personalized treatment by their well-trained team of professionals. Clients receive 24 hour care in meeting the client right where they're at and throughout the entire treatment process in a beautiful, safe and comfortable facility which provides all the amenities.


The staff are amazing, facility is very clean and organized.


Strengths: clean, structured, balanced, good staff, strong support system,
great management. If you are ready to seriously commit to recovery and tired
of relapsing this facility can help you attain that goal. It will save your


Testimonial *My testimonial to the Valley Recovery Center, this place has shown me patients, respect and tools for the outside world. I feel like there is no room for relapsing thanks to the staff and clients. I LOVE THIS PROGRAM. i will still visit when i can, i feel like this place and the staff are now my 2nd FAMILY. Thank you Valley Recovery Center.

Author *Ivan Rascon   

I have too much to say about VRC and this amazing place. I had 2 yrs sober & clean and ended up relapsing and slipping in my life. I'm 38 and have only been to treatment once before coming here to this AMAZING recovery center to get my life back on track. I was referred to Ashley from a close source and took the opportunity to come get detoxed and clean and go back to my sober life in the OC. I intended to detox and then leave. I am still here and stayed 60+ days and now I don't want to leave. 🙁 I can't even begin to describe the leaps and bounds I made in my life coming from the streets, motels, and runnin' & gunning for months. I drove myself here and I knew I had to come. However I had NO CLUE that I would fall in love with the staff aka "La Famiglia" and have such a crucial impact on me. I think the impact is felt both ways and I LOVE MY WHOLE TEAM here. From my therapists to my 2nd mama Phyllis I will be very emotional to leave here. Here is how much of an impact the crew here had on me and my life. I'd start with a rating of 100 if you EVER want to get clean and have REAL PEOPLE truly & honestly care for your life and your well being- then COME HERE TO VRC.I promise you that there is no treatment center out there like this place. I used to work in treatment and I'd be honored to work with such an amazing crew of people.
Here is my breakdown of this spot:
Ashley- This girl is amazing. She has become like another little sister to me. (she even has said that haha) So I have a 10mo puppy that I would never give up. I was getting loaded and living with my pup in my car and told her what's up. She said there is a "chance" she can get me in here with my puppy. So I waited 4 days, talked to her loaded and sick, and waited until she got the "OK". She then said come on up, and I never looked back. So I am forever GRATEFUL and F'n the luckiest client to have come here with my puppy and not have to give him up. I knew it would bring therapy and happiness to the whole entire house, and now during my stay here, my pup and I have a 2nd home. Everyone loved him and having a puppy during a very hard time of treatment, I was able to bring joy to not only my recovery but the rest of the house. I will NEVER forget how hard Ashley worked to get me and my puppy in here and for that, I don't have any words to describe the love & grateful feelings I have for VRC. PS: she also got me into an IOP & sober living with Gotti so it's just truly amazing how much these women care for your stay and to help change your life. Trust me, I know.
Phyllis- oh, this woman is a clone of my mama. She has a heart that could fill up this whole house, and she does. She has made such an impact on my life and my daily routine here at the house that I can't even begin to describe it. She is my "mama" and I will be connected to her for life. She got me off all my meds and shit I came in here on, she told me to "trust her" because she will never do anything to hurt me, so I did. Now I'm 100 times stronger than I was even with my previous 2 yrs of sobriety. I will say she has treated me like another son, our relationship and conversations are just like a real mother and son and I have never felt as comfortable as I did here with her (and Ashley). It made my ability to detox so quickly and then agree to staying 2 months more than I had intended to do, because of the growth, change, and strides I've made in mending some very, very important relationships. It was all Phyllis who got me to stay longer, and I would do another 30 days if I had to. I can say that I'm sad to leave this woman and miss our daily interactions- but family is always connected and that's exactly what she is to me. Always....
Kori- there is nobody more real than Chef KorKor. aka Mama #2. She is the Auntie to my puppy and this connection was one of the best I have ever had. She kept it real with me, all the time, and I will miss her more than words can describe. She is an AMAZING chef, her food is all Love, and she is very crucial part of the recovery here for all the guys in the house. Not only does she cook amazing food she will make you whatever you want if your not feeling good when come in or don't like certain foods because she loves everyone. Just some of us had a bit more of a connection and had talks that you can never take back or would even want to change. She was amazing and if you come here, you will see for yourself the love she has and mark my words- you will put on all healthy weight we lose when we are out there and will feel the love that I've talked about.
Tammy- oh man did we start off on the wrong foot. She was probably not a fan of me and I felt the same. I was horrible my first week here. Now I can say I love the woman. She is a great counselor and great groups and if you get the chance, just know you will end-up loving the woman too. She even told me she has never seen such growth and the huge amount of change on a client like in my case. That made my heart feel full and today we laugh and smile a lot. Just yet another one of the staff members here that have a lot of love for their client and are only here to help you better yourself and see the value in a sober & clean life. She is awesome.
Lauren- I can't say the love I have for this therapist and the incredible work she has helped me do here. She is the MAIN reason why I have started to talk to my family again and I can't say I would have done so on my own. I even asked to have her here 2x's a week b/c of the work I'm doing with my family and a main reason for my stay here for 60 days. She would bring shit out of me that I didn't even know or feel like talking about, b/c she knew what she's doing and does her job well. I will say all the therapists here are awesome but if you come here, Lauren will help you in ways you never thought were possible. Her knowledge and love and the "honor" she feels to be part of my recovery, I will be seeing her on the outside. That's how important she was to my recovery and how much I know I want to keep working on myself & family with her. Pick Lauren 🙂 🙂

In closing, I would HIGHLY recommend this place to anyone who is suffering or can't get their life on track or maybe end-up dead- come here. I promise you that your life will change and you can be happy, sober and clean with VRC helping you get back on track..

Jeff Sawyer   

I came to VRC morally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically broken, but willing to work hard and make a change. You provided the perfect staff, environment, and program to do exactly that. I can't promise that I'll stay happy and sober forever, but the tools, lessons, and insight will absolutely last that duration. Thank you so much to the whole staff for making me feel like a human being again. I'll never forget how I felt entering the program, compared to how I felt in the moments leading to my discharge. I feel like a different person. Thanks again for making my first (and God willing, last) time in rehab such a profound experience.

Author *William   

I had a very intense learning experience between therapy sessions and constant focus on recovery. The program administrator was an expert with insurance and understood all the programs to be taken advantage of. I enjoyed the contracted counselors mostly. They were willing to make compromises where needed to benefit my comfort as required. Some of the staff was a little difficult to get along with however, but in the nature of the situation it was fitting that we deal with difficulties and people while we are in here so we can apply the skills and knowledge we have acquired in this experience. Overall a good experience and I plan on applying principles I've learned here and have every intention of staying in touch with the contracted counselors as they helped me the most.


Testimonial *My name is Chance C. I came to Valley Recovery Center for a 30 day program ........ I ended up staying 90 days . I can honestly say I believe VRC saved my life . I reached out at the darkest time in my life for help for the 1st time in my life . I had been using drugs and alcohol for almost 30 years constantly . I started using at a very young age to cope with the abuse i had suffered for many years . Now in my 40s I knew it was time for a change or i was going to die . I have a Partner of 16 years and together we have four children and two Granddaughters that were watching me kill myself slowly . Everyone in my Family had tried to get me help to no avail , I just wasn't ready to let go and surrender . I had hurt all the people i loved in so many ways with my words and actions . My Family had watched me spiral out of control with my drinking and using . two car accidents due to My drinking and driving which left me on life support both times .... That still didn't do it for me I had to go even further down that dark and lonely road . When I arrived in California from Arkansas ( where i was born and raised ) I was a Broken And Defeated shell of a person . I was so bad off that i was 30lbs under weight i could barley speak , see or hold anything in my hands . VRC gave me the support and tools that i needed to recover . They gave me hands on intense therapy with Therapists that created a recovery plan that was made just for me . They have introduced me to AA & NA meetings nightly . Groups daily to teach me how to cope with a sober life & tools to use if i ever feel weak . I came here with 29 years of emotional issues and the staff and Doctors helped me find the way out of My darkness . If you are someone dealing with alcohol and or drugs and you are tired and ready to surrender ...... or if someone you love or care about is please reach out get in touch with Anyone at Valley Recovery Center . I am a real person that is walking out of Valley Recovery Center a completely different person, I have grown so much in the last 90 days . I know now that I am ready to live life for the first time and I feel confident that I can do this . Whether you are here for 30 days or whatever program you are able to work just know this place is not like any other place you have heard about or experienced . it is a phone call or email away and it Is possible to change . I am a perfect example of a life that is possible .

Chance C.   

Before I got into treatment here at vrc I was desperate and I needed help. I had no hope and my life completely spiraled out of control. I weighed 145 lbs and I was miserable, homeless, and lost everything. I asked my grandpa for help and he found this program. I didn't know what to expect but I knew something had to change. I have been in numerous programs before and they never worked. I got something here that I have never gotten from other rehabs. I found a new family in the short time I was here. They really cared, and my life changed immensely. I gained 20 lbs of all muscle in the thirty days I have been here and my family restoration happened immediately. I found a new purpose and passion for l;life that I never had before. I am eternally grateful for all vrc has done for me. They truly cared and I deeply appreciate that. I learned a lot from all the therapists and counselors. This is really a five star quality program and in just a short time my whole world has changed for the better, Coming here was the best decision I have made in quite a while.

Cameron Barksdale   

I have been to over 20 treatments. and a hand full of detoxes. I considered myself a hopeless addict. Valley Recovery Center gave me a life I never could have imagined. my insurance was maxed out and didn't want to allow anymore treatments and on my 6th day my insurance quit paying. if it wasn't for the kind staff here I would have been out on the street but they granted me a month to get my things together and got me into a sober living where I can continue my sobriety.

chris `   

I have been to many treatment centers, but this treatment facility was by far the BEST one I have been to yet. The staff is very professional and friendly, and I would highly recommend it to anyone struggling with addiction in need of help. The therapists are great, I learned many things I did not know about myself and I got so much more out of my stay here. The case manager, Ashley, helped me set up my next step into a sober living of my choosing which no other treatment facility has done for me before.


19 years old and a having a drug addiction was definitely not an easy part of my life. It was a constant struggle and it eventually led to my homelessness and selling drugs just to pay rent and eat. I would willingly vouch for any of the staff, for they have done an incredible job of supporting me physically, mentally, and even more importantly; emotionally. Definitely recommend it to any alcoholic/addict.

10/10. Tommy

Thomas H   

Fantastic Facility Great Stuff No Complaints Recommend to Anyone Looking for a Recovery Center

Joseph Lander   

I am so very grateful for having the oppurtunity to be in VRC treatment center. My insurance was changed without my knowledge so i had no idea where i was going or even that it had been changed until i began seeking treatment. i appreciate the fact that i was picked up in S.D and brought to Newhall for treatment. i am 33 years old and had never undergone counseling or phyciatric treatment prior to coming here. I had been in a faith based rehab 6 years ago and was able to stay sober for the time after but was never able to look within myself to deal with past trauma and issues. The staff here has a very good way of making me feel comfertable and able to dig deep. And coming in very angry and disrespectful to staff helped me work through that and grow..........we eat BOMB....!!!!! Awesome outings.....Awesome house.....

Gabriel Mendoza   

This is a wonderful place with wonderful people. 30 days here has really put things into perspective and given me a solid foundation to build upon. I would highly recommend this place to anyone who is struggling with substance abuse.


This treatment facility was a great place for me to start my recovery i would recommend any one who has a substance abuse problem to seek this facility ive learned so much about myself they also have opened my eyes to alot of different ways to cope which i needed the staff is amazing very supportive they showed me they care about my life. Recommend you come here. overall rating was a 10.

Andrew Vatilla   

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