Where To Travel When You’re Clean & Sober

There are A LOT of things to look forward to once you make it through recovery. Sobriety, health and stability are just a few of the essential perks. But something we always tell our patients to do is to visualize their new future life. Think about the great things ahead and you’ll have even more strength to make it through today. One topic that always seems to come up when we have these conversations is Travel. It’s part of our human nature, right? To see the world and set off on exotic adventures. Well it’s very much possible AFTER you slay all the addiction demons.


But to help add a little motivation, here are some great sober wish list destinations!


Yosemite National Park

We can’t think of a better place to celebrate sobriety than in the majestic mountains of Yosemite National Park. Located just a few hours from SoCal, this gorgeous camping destination has waterfalls, hiking trails and forests. It’s also far away from the temptations of city life and works as a sort of sanctuary for anyone looking to reflect. Often times, being outside in nature can really motivate you to keep up the clean lifestyle. Seeing how much our planet (and life) has to offer is a very compelling reason to maintain sobriety and focus on remaining here for many years to come.


Sedona, Arizona

Another destination very close to our backyard, Sedona has become a mecca for detoxing and meditation. This tranquil portion of the Arizona desert has a variety of top notch spas and resorts, most of which support a clean lifestyle. Here you can relax with soothing massages, go on active rock climbing adventures and even fish at the gorgeous lakes of Oak Creek Canyon. Similar to Yosemite, this small region is purposely distanced from a fast city life and offers a temptation-free experience far away from bad influences.


Maui, Hawaii

Last on our list (and furthest from SoCal) is the beautiful island of Maui. The fact that it only takes Angelinos five hours on a plane to get there is an amazing treat in itself. That means, you could pull off a trip like this over a long weekend or just a few days. But trust us when we say it is completely refreshing and eye-opening. Definitely the most soothing Hawaiian island, Maui offers gorgeous sights, calm warm water and breathtaking sunsets that allow you to soak in life’s beauty. There is also amazing food, inspirational landmarks and active adventures to keep your focus away from using.


Clearly there’s a giant world to explore, but these quick and easy locales are tangible travel goals to shoot for. If you need that extra push to get clean, picture something like this and let Valley Recovery Center help get you there!