90 Day Rehab

Highest Success Rate with our 90-day program

The 90-day program we offer at Valley Recovery Center provides patients with a thorough treatment plan that will not only address their addictions but also prepare them to be a positive force in their families and communities. The 90-day program is one that our patients commonly choose, because the long-term treatment we provide has a high success rate and really gives patients the best opportunity for recovery.

The 90-day program gives patients the time they need to heal and to receive treatment that will make an enduring impact on their recovery. This program provides patients with the care and therapy necessary to overcome addiction, and it also helps them develop the life skills necessary to maintain their sobriety once they leave Valley Recovery Center.

Detoxification Program to Cleanse the Mind and Body

Those with heavy addictions will particularly benefit from the 90-day program. Detoxification can be an intense process, and it takes time to not only get the toxins out of the body but also to heal afterwards. Having three months’ time means that patients will be able to completely detox under the supervision of medical professionals, heal and recover physically, and undergo treatment for their addiction. Patients will build up their health and strength as they recover.

Detailed Evaluation Process done by professionals

One of the first steps in the recovery process here at Valley Recovery Center is a thorough evaluation. Our highly qualified team of psychiatrists, psychologists, and counselors will talk with each patient and go through their medical history, history of substance abuse, and other relevant issues. The evaluation is a critical part of developing an effective treatment program that meets each patient’s individual needs.

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One on One Counseling and Group Therapy

Both one on one and group therapy are key parts of the treatment programs we create for our patients. Individual therapy allows us to help patients identify the causes and behaviors that lead to addiction, and it also helps us observe their progress and make sure that the treatment they receive is making an impact. Over the course of 90 days, our therapists have time to build a rapport with patients and help them address the most important issues.

Group therapy is critical in helping to create a support system for each patient. We offer group programs that fit the diverse needs of our patients, including 12-step programs, programs that emphasize behavior, programs focused on family issues, and programs that work to address addiction through spirituality.

Alternative Treatments Available

We offer many other programs at Valley Recovery Center, because we believe that our patients should be part of a community here. Art and music therapy offer patients a creative outlet for the difficult emotions that arise during recovery. Alternative treatments, like reiki therapy or hypnotherapy, help many of our patients deal with the stress that naturally occurs as they deal with their addictions. And we offer programs that help our patients build up the life skills necessary to live a healthy, sober life. This includes teaching patients about resume-building and applying for jobs, finding housing, and enrolling (or re-enrolling) in school.

Taking care of basic needs like employment and housing is a very important part of staying on the path to recovery. The 90-day program at Valley Recovery Center gives our patients time to not only deal with their addiction, it also gives them the opportunity to plan ahead and lay the foundation for a sober life as part of their family and community.

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