60 Day Rehab

60-Day Program designed to understand addiction

The 60-day program offered here at Valley Recovery Center is designed to provide those with addictions a more extensive treatment plan. Over the course of two months, they will have time to not only recover and heal but also to develop an understanding of their addiction and its causes. Our patients are then able to work on changing their way of life and avoiding the situations that lead to addiction. And they’re able to do all of this in a welcoming and understanding community, one dedicated to providing the care that they need.

Detailed Evaluation Process

The first step in all of our programs is a thorough evaluation of each patient by our psychiatrists, psychologists, and counselors. This evaluation will identify patients that need to go through detoxification, and the information we gather helps our team develop a customized treatment program. This program will factor in the patient’s medical history, mental health, and history of addiction, along with their family situation and personal beliefs. Each individual’s treatment program is designed to provide the support and therapeutic care necessary for true recovery.

One on One and Group Therapy

One on one therapy is a key element in the care we provide at Valley Recovery Center. It helps patients to understand their addiction and the underlying issues that contribute to it, and it allows us to see how each patient is progressing. Individual therapy is also extremely important in the identification and treatment of any mental health issues a patient might be suffering from.

Group therapy is crucial when it comes to creating a support system for our patients, and it also addresses the issues most important to our patients. We offer a number of group programs to suit the needs of each patient, including groups that emphasize the role of spirituality, groups that deal with the impact of addiction on families (and the impact of families on addiction), 12-step groups, and groups that work to identify behaviors and triggers that contribute to addiction. The variety of group therapy programs we offer is important, because patients need to feel comfortable in their groups to really benefit from the process.

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Non-Traditional Therapy’s available

In addition to the programs described above, we offer treatments like hypnotherapy and reiki therapy to our patients. Many of our patients have experienced tremendous relief from the stress and heightened emotions of recovery thanks to these treatments. We also provide creative programs, like art therapy and music therapy, which offer patients a safe and enjoyable way to express themselves.

Psychological healing

The 60-day treatment program can really be divided neatly in half. During the first month of treatment, patients will heal physically and come to understand that they must take responsibility for their recovery. The second month will focus on psychological healing, changing the behaviors that led to addiction, and laying the foundation for continuing with recovery outside of the center. Studies by the National Institute on Drug Abuse show that patients who spend more time in treatment have more success in recovery. Valley Recovery Center is committed to providing our patients with the care and support necessary to achieve recovery along with an environment that welcomes each and every patient.

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