Understanding Marijuana Addiction

Understanding Marijuana Addiction

With more L.A. dispensaries popping up on a daily basis, we thought now would be an important time to discuss the very real issue of marijuana dependency. We are well aware of the naysayers and pot supporters who vehemently deny its addictive tendencies, but the truth is: Weed can be dangerous and weed can ruin lives. We’ve seen it firsthand and we want our audience to know that there is nothing wrong with recognizing that you smoke too much. Valley Recovery Center offers several marijuana detox programs. But before we get into that, we wanted to illustrate some of the symptoms behind too much pot use.


Is It Making You Paranoid Or Antisocial? 

One issue to look out for (as weed becomes more and more available) is a sense of withdrawal after smoking too much. It is not uncommon for people who use marijuana to begin suffering anxiety issues. We know that the advocates claim the drug relaxes you, but for many users it can have a very adverse affect. As you smoke more, do you notice yourself retreating into your own private world? Or perhaps getting uncomfortable in crowds? These are very normal feelings and can create big problems as you try to function in everyday life. If this is a symptom you or someone you care about is dealing with, seek out treatment before the anxious feelings worsen.


The Laziness Factor

We all know about the stereotype of the “lazy stoner.” But in many cases, smoking too much can definitely limit your motivation. Symptoms of a problem in this area can include consistent tardiness for work, failing grades in a school program, gaining too much weight and more. If you’re a regular smoker, it’s always important to stop and do self-evaluations. Think about if you’re reaching your maximum potential. Or if you’re having problems maintaining romantic relationships. This lack of impetus can most certainly stem from a marijuana dependency. If you’re suffering from this issue than getting clean won’t just make you healthy, it could potentially further your career and livelihood.


Marijuana As A Gateway Drug

We’re sure you’ve heard the term “gateway drug” associated with marijuana before. Well this is most certainly true, particularly with teenagers. Think about how many times getting high also involved beer drinking or partying. Sure there are users who stick strictly with weed, but there are a large portion who do not. Several prominent research outlets (including The New York Times) have listed it as such. “Marijuana use is positively correlated with alcohol use and cigarette use, as well as illegal drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine,” behavioral researcher Robert DuPont told the Times. So make sure to remember that, particularly if you have a child at home who is eager to experiment. Everyone’s personality is different and some who smoke today could easily fall into the trap of drinking tomorrow.


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