The Terrible Trend Of Getting Pets High

The Terrible Trend Of Getting Pets High

Every now and then, we come across stories that truly devastate us. As recovery advocates and animal lovers, it is terrible to hear about innocent pets getting subjected to drugs and alcohol. But it is a reality and a subject that deserves attention.


One particular story started out tragic, but ultimately led to a happy ending. In Orange County, a seven-month-old puppy named Bubba was discovered high on heroin and methamphetamine at a local motel room. The Jack Russell terrier-Chihuahua mix was in terrible shape when found by police…cold to the touch, listless and lethargic.


Thankfully his owner was found with him and promptly arrested for drug possession and animal cruelty. But that didn’t help Bubba, who had to go through seven months of treatment to recover from the incident.


Well the good news is, after his miraculous full recovery Bubba has found a new home. An anonymous couple from nearby Orange has adopted the dog, offering him a safe environment and new German Shepard companion.


The real tragedy is that these stories are not isolated incidents. Often times, drug and alcohol abusers find it amusing to “share” their narcotics with their pets. Let us be clear when we say THAT THIS IS NEVER OKAY. It can easily lead to permanent damage to the animal or even death. If someone you know is abusing a pet in this way, we urge you to reach out to authorities.

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