Staying Sober On Halloween

Staying Sober On Halloween

This weekend, expect lots of parties and lots of temptations as the festive night owls dress up and let loose for Halloween. And while we certainly encourage fun and companionship, there are some important things to keep in mind about this holiday. For one thing, it’s been proven to create a larger substance abuse risk for teens and young adults. Halloween also sees dramatic spikes in drunk driving fatalities and intoxicated violence. That’s why we thought we’d share some facts (and tips) on how to embrace a “clean” Halloween.


Alcoholic Temptations

Not surprisingly, alcohol tends to be vice most closely associated with Halloween. Yes, party drugs like ecstasy can creep their way into “Haunted Raves,” but for the most part, drunken partying is where we see the most addictive behavior. Bars almost always host spooky theme nights and let’s not forget the costume parties and late night mischief that involves massive beer consumption. Unfortunately, that is often the stigma of grown up Halloween celebrations…But it doesn’t have to be.


We’ll get into sober ideas further down below. Right now, let’s shine a light on those most at risk of forming an addiction habit on Halloween. That group would be (you guessed it) teens and adolescents. Alcohol experimentation is commonplace among 13-20 year olds and usually begins around some type of event. High school Halloween parties are a prime example, with teens often surrounded by peer pressure and accessible alcohol. The need to “fit in” could lead to that very first drink,¬†creating the spiral into alcoholism.


Also, the fact that Time Magazine listed Halloween as one of the “Top 10 Drunkest Holidays” isn’t encouraging. The bottom line is, Halloween has become famous as a night of mischief and with young adults, “mischief” often goes along with alcoholic indulgences.


How To Celebrate Halloween Sobriety

The good news about Halloween is, there are plenty of ways to enjoy it sober. If you have young ones in the family, why not do some old fashioned trick-or-treating? Reliving childhood innocence is a great way to spend Halloween night and it allows you be just as festive (and just as dressed up) as any Saturday night party.


If you’re feeling tempted, Halloween is also a great night to attend a recovery support meeting. Our facility certainly accommodates former addiction sufferers on major holidays like this one. Surrounding yourself with other recovering friends will show you that you’re not alone in your struggle. It will also distract you from the noise and chatter.


In our Sober SoCal Weekends, we have outlined dozens of ways to keep with the spooky spirit of things and not use. There are classic horror movie showings, sober haunted house tours and even monster art exhibits to keep you festive (and away from temptation).


We understand how challenging a holiday like this can be. And as we look ahead, Halloween quickly leads right into Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s (all of which have a high relapse ratio). We encourage you to stay ahead of the curve and start working out your temptation issues now.


If you sense a struggle coming in the months ahead, reach out to Valley Recovery Center at (866) 986-2486. We’re here and we’re happy to help.


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