Staying Sober On Cinco De Mayo

Staying Sober On Cinco De Mayo

It’s a shame how cultural celebrations often get lumped into the category of “drinking days.” On St. Patrick’s Day, the media always directs people to popular Irish bars and on Cinco De Mayo, the trends point to tequila and margaritas. We always believe in honoring significant dates (such as May 5th’s commemoration of Mexico’s Battle of Puebla victory), but we don’t believe you need alcohol to do it.


This Thursday, we encourage our sober amigos to stand firm and enjoy the evening in ways that don’t include Happy Hour boozing. One option can be going to a nice Mexican restaurant. Another could be visiting one of LA’s famed festivals. If you happen to be near Downtown LA, the Plaza de Cultura y Artes is holding a fantastic exhibit that educates about Mexico’s famous battle and entertains with live dancing.


The key is to avoid the “Cinco de Drinko” temptations strewn across LA’s trendy bars and clubs. It is interesting to note that brands like Anheuser Busch spends hundreds of millions of dollars on Latino-themed ad campaigns, with a good portion focused on events like Cinco de Mayo and World Cup. Our advice is to steer clear, especially since drinking your face off does nothing to honor the culture or the holiday.


One other note worth mentioning is the increased drunk driver activity (and DUI checkpoints) this week. Stay sober, stay safe and celebrate Cinco in a meaningful way.


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