Spotlight On Stairway Recovery Homes

Spotlight On Stairway Recovery Homes

We’ve always described the recovery process as a journey. Beating an addiction is something that needs to be taken in steps, a point clearly illustrated by the philosophy and iconography of Stairway Recovery Homes.  This unique facility conveys a very powerful message of love and support, offering a 12-Step experience that can fit most budgetary needs.


We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Stairway founder Michael Lynch, who described his facility’s proven approach and his own personal connections to the cause.


“Stairway Recovery Homes are 12-Step based sober living facilities that are affordable, gender specific and structured in a way to benefit each individual client,” he explained. “We allow them to make the most of their new lives in recovery.”


Their most recent location opened last April, in the quiet community of West Hills. Catering strictly to men, their San Fernando Valley home is a true suburban sanctuary; with pristine common areas and bedrooms, as well as a pool.


Here is a preview of the newest Stairway home.



And though the West Hills home certainly looks cozy and comfortable, Michael was quick to point out that his program is anything but lax.


“Our program puts a lot of emphasis on things like acquiring employment and achieving higher education,” he said. “We work hard to get our clients active in their chosen 12-Step communities. Things need to be earned and not automatically given.”


Michael went on to add that his staff takes a very hands-on approach to recovery, driving clients to all important appointments and meetings. He also makes a point to stay on top of industry trends, incorporating a blend of cutting-edge and time tested techniques.


The goal of Stairways is, and has always been, getting its clients clean, but Michael added a unique footnote to their philosophy.


“If you read our Facebook description, you’ll notice that we believe in a ‘family style’ sober living setting,” he explained. “What that means is, we’re creating a home and a community within each location. Trust and love are essential components in this process.”


And it was obvious after speaking with Michael, that this journey is one that’s very personal to him.


“I was inspired to get into the recovery field when my best friend died of a heroin overdose,” he told us. “After being given this precious gift of recovery nine years ago, I knew that I needed to do what I could to help.”


He went on to say that he felt many frustrations with other facilities that put money and marketing ahead of their clients. And that was what ultimately inspired him to create the Stairway experience.


“I feel like many people in the industry are missing the point,” he said. “We are suppose to be helping the client recover. Not perpetuate the cycle of coming in and out of detox after detox because it is profitable to the owners.”


We deeply admire Michael’s dedication to the cause and encourage everyone to visit the official Stairway Recovery Facebook page or to reach out to Michael’s team directly at (818) 672-6095.



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