Spotlight On Resolve Recovery

Spotlight On Resolve Recovery

This past week, we had the privilege of speaking with Nial Stimson, Vice President of Community Outreach at the Resolve Recovery facility. Located just off of Sunset Boulevard, this unique and specialized treatment center caters only to women and works as a non-profit for those facing financial hardships. As Nial told us, money is not the motivating factor behind Resolve’s mission. Their goal is to help their patients get clean and stay clean, particularly those who do not have the funds to afford cost-heavy treatment programs.




“Resolve Recovery is part of a large non-profit that was founded 30 years ago,” Stimson explained to us. “We decided to put this program into action because we noticed there were a lot of people who did not have PPO’s and didn’t have $15,000 to $40,000 for treatment.”


Resolve happens to work with most HMO plans and offers a variety of affordable payment options for people looking to get sober. Nial also told us that this past year, the facility had begun implementing scholarships.


“Our slogan is ‘Addiction costs you everything, treatment shouldn’t have to.'” he added. “We really want to offer a program that could take in more clients than it turns away.”




Resolve also offers several other unique treatment options. As Nial told us, this is a female-only facility. It is designed by women and for women. With that in mind, he explained that their customized therapies put an emphasis on domestic violence, trauma and depression. Much like Valley Recovery Center, being gender-specific allows for a much higher success rate after treatment.


“We’ve helped turn Resolve into a safe place for women to talk about deep issues,” Nial added. “When women go to a coed facility, they really don’t delve into some of those more private topics.”


Part of the regimen at Resolve includes music therapy, process groups, art therapy and more. There are also a 12-step based programs, with on and off-site meetings.


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Delving more into the specifics, Nial said, “Traditionally, our program is set up with 30, 60 and 90-day options. After care is also very important to us. From day one, we work hard to get people into sober living.”


He also emphasized that Resolve is equipped to handle a wide variety of addictions, from painkillers and opioids, to alcoholism and beyond. Ages range from 18 -70, with a majority of patients falling between 20 and 40.


And as far as success factors go; Nial explained, “We have seen many of our patients do amazing. After they leave, we’ll invite them back to our alumni group. We’ve only been open a little over a year, so we’re now crossing several 365-day milestones with our former patients.”


If you, or a woman you care about, is suffering with addiction, we highly recommending getting in touch with Resolve Recovery. They do amazing work and they do it for the right reasons. Make sure to visit their website and, if costs are an issue, click over to their Process page to learn more about their affordable options.





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