Spotlight On Moms Fighting Addiction Stigma

Spotlight On Moms Fighting Addiction Stigma

If you’ve been following our blogs, you’re probably aware of the Spotlight Feature we publish from time to time. That section is usually reserved for high-profile people making a difference in the fight against addiction. Well, we also think it’s important to highlight the unsung heroes fighting the good fight. The everyday people who are making their voices heard. That’s why this week, we wanted to call out Ohio-based moms Tonda DaRe and Marcie Miller.


Tonda and Marcie are by no means household names and they are not headlining music arenas or blockbuster summer movies. They are, in fact, everyday parents who have been personally affected by addiction. And they have made a point to alert others about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse, with a 20-city tour across the U.S.


Beginning this Thursday, Tonda and Marcie will be representing Holly’s Song of Hope, a support group named for DaRe’s daughter. Tragically, Holly DaRe succumbed to an overdose back in 2012. Miller’s daughter, thankfully, survived her addiction, but struggled with a serious drug dependency for over six years.


So to alert other parents and local leaders about the dangers of teen addiction, the moms have orchestrated an awareness campaign across 13 states. Tonda and Marcie plan to stop at local schools, churches, libraries and more, in the hopes of making their message go viral. At each stop, they’ll be showcasing Addiction 101, a presentation they created which highlights warning signs and aims to de-stigmatize what they call, “a terrible disease.”


“If we get people to understand this disease, then we can make a real difference in what’s happening,” Tonda told the local press. “We are just two moms trying to make a difference in an epidemic that many believe has nothing to do with them.”


To their credit, Holly’s Song of Hope has already gotten the attention of several prominent politicians across the mid-west. Tonda and Marcie have appeared on local television with Ohio Senator Rob Portman and received acknowledgment form the state’s governor, John Kasich.


“We have no idea where this will lead us,” Miller added in a recent interview.  “But if we save one life on this journey or bring comfort to someone in need, then it will be worth it.”


We encourage everyone to follow Tonda and Marcie’s campaign on their official Facebook page. Hopefully their message will inspire others and, perhaps, get more local parents to stand up and spread the word about the stigma of addiction.



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